TBB Buses Disinfected Against Epidemic Diseases

TBB buses are disinfected against epidemics
TBB buses are disinfected against epidemics

Tekirdağ Metropolitan Municipality has taken measures against increasing infectious diseases in the world. Tekirdağ Metropolitan Municipality specially dressed municipal teams carried out disinfection work on public transportation vehicles operated by Tek-Ulaş company.

In addition to the periodic spraying activities carried out within the scope of the fight against infectious diseases, Tekirdağ Metropolitan Municipality Health Affairs Department regularly stated that the public transportation vehicles and the public health service departments continue to work at the units where the people receive direct service from the municipality during the night. Deniz Bozdoğan “As part of our disinfection works carried out in a certain order, disinfection was carried out in our central garage of all our public transportation vehicles serving in Süleymanpaşa District last night.” said.



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