commercial taxi and service vehicles disinfected
44 Malatya

Commercial Taxi and Service Vehicles Disinfected

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality continues by increasing the necessary measures against the corona virus, which is effective worldwide and spreads in our country. In this context, by disinfecting the taxi and shuttle vehicles operating in our city, our people are more safe and healthy. [more…]

public transportation times in the army have been changed
52 Army

Public Transport Time Hours Changed in Ordu

Army Metropolitan Municipality continues to take all necessary measures to combat the virus Corona showing the effect in Turkey. Metropolitan Municipality, in line with the measures to be taken against the virus in public transportation used extensively by citizens, some public transportation vehicles and [more…]

Percentage of public transportation use in Antalya dusted
07 Antalya

Public Transport Use Drops 55 Percent in Antalya

After the "stay at home" warnings made due to the coronavirus epidemic, the use of public transportation in Antalya decreased by 55 percent. The crisis desk created under the chairmanship of Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Muhittin Böcek evaluated the developments regarding public transportation. As a result of the decision taken, on the lines [more…]

Intense work in progress against coronavirus in basket continues
06 Ankara

Intense Shifts Against Coronary Infusion Continues

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has been on alert due to the coronavirus epidemic. 7/24 disinfection and cleaning works are carried out in every part of the city. Working at many points, from shelters to animal shelters, from public institutions to the high judiciary, from common areas to the buildings of non-governmental organizations. [more…]

coronavirus panic in high-speed train
34 Istanbul

Coronavirus Panic in High Speed ​​Train!

A large number of ambulances were sent to the Söğütlüçeşme Station upon the warning of a passenger who had a fever. The suspicion of a new type of coronavirus in a passenger on the High Speed ​​Train from Konya to Istanbul triggered the train officers. High Speed ​​Train attendants [more…]

bus stops and upper passages were disinfected
45 Manisa

Bus Stops and Overpasses Disinfected

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality continues to work at full speed within the scope of the total fight against the coronavirus, which affects the whole world and threatens human health seriously. In this context, bus stops in the city center and [more…]

Another step for pedestrian safety in Sakarya
54 Sakarya

One More Step for Pedestrian Safety in Sakarya

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality has added a new step to the steps it has taken to ensure traffic and pedestrian safety. It continues its efforts to increase pedestrian mobility and accessibility to a higher level with the slogan "Your Life is Priority, Priority is Pedestrian". Metropolitan Municipality throughout the city [more…]

coronavirus regulation on student subscriber cards in Kayseri
38 Kayseri

Coronavirus Regulation for Student Subscription Cards in Kayseri

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality provided convenience for students who could not use their subscription cards due to the holidays. The card boarding balances that the students cannot use due to the interruption of the training will be reloaded when the training starts. Metropolitan Municipality, suspension of education within the scope of coronavirus measures [more…]

tender date for aydin denizli highway project has been announced
09 Aydin

Aydın Denizli Highway Project Tender Date Announced

The Aydın-Denizli highway project, which will be implemented with the build-operate-transfer model, is bidding. It has been announced by the General Directorate of Highways that the motorway project will be tendered again on May 12. According to the tender notice published in the Official Gazette, the bid bond amount is 25 million TL. [more…]

Disinfection studies in distant districts of Izmir
35 Izmir

Disinfection Studies in Distant Districts of Izmir

Disinfection studies, which have been continuing for days across the province against the coronavirus epidemic, are carried out simultaneously in districts far from the center. Metropolitan Municipality, which provides equal services to every district, carried out a feverish work in the town of Kiraz. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality coronavirus measures [more…]

egiad evaluates economic stability shield package
35 Izmir

EGİADEvaluates Economic Stability Shield Package

EGİAD Mustafa Aslan, President of the Aegean Young Business People Association, evaluated the "Economic Stability Shield" package announced by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan after the Coordination Meeting on Combating Coronavirus. Stating that unity of power is needed more than ever, Aslan said, [more…]

may be Mersin trade and logistics center
33 Mersin

May Be Mersin Trade and Logistics Center

Turkey Statistical Institute (TSI), detailed foreign trade statistics released by 2020, and were published kept outside the scope of customs warehouses. Accordingly, in 2019, Mersin is the 1.8th countrywide, with an export of 14 billion dollars. [more…]

samulas academy will improve quality in public transport
55 Samsun

SAMULAŞ Academy will Improve Quality in Public Transport

'Examination and Certification' unit within the Academy. SAMULAŞ, which carries out public transportation services on behalf of the Metropolitan Municipality in Samsun, continues its efforts to increase service quality and citizen satisfaction, Samsun Project Transportation Zoning, which is a subsidiary of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

miracle on izban rails
35 Izmir

Miracle on İZBAN Rails

The woman, who attempted suicide by jumping in front of the İZBAN train in Buca district of İzmir, survived by chance. The driver's attempt to get the woman out of the rails after stopping the train was recorded by a passenger on his cell phone. Şirinyer at İZBAN station [more…]

Stratification studies at the Kapikoy railway nerve gate
65 Van

Strelization Studies at Kapıköy Railway Border Gate

Freight trains, which are subjected to sterilization process at the Kapıköy border gate, are transferred after waiting for 4 hours outside the station. As part of the fight against the coronavirus epidemic worldwide, border entries and exits of all trains were closed as of 23 February 2020. From our border [more…]

hygiene work in the basket continues without saying that day and night
06 Ankara

Disinfection in Basket Continues Day and Night

Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, who follows disinfection and cleaning works 7/24 with his bureaucrats, asked all units to be on alert. Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its sterilization works of public transportation vehicles, taxis and minibuses every day [more…]