Turkey Minister of Health - Dr. Fahrettin Koca

24.03.2020 Coronavirus Report: We Lost 7 More Patients

The tweet of the Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca, which announced the coronavirus balance sheet dated 24.03.2020, is as follows: How many people? This is asked every day in 195 countries. Losses and if not too late for Turkey. The measure can block the increase. 24 in total in the last 3.952 hours [more…]

Local and National Respirator Produced
06 Ankara

Local and National Respirator is Produced!

Biosys company, which was established in 2012 with completely domestic capital and aims to meet the needs of the health system, produced domestic and national medical respirators. The device is currently being used successfully. Critical to the corona virus treatment process [more…]

army reduces traffic load of large city Sivas intersection
58 Sivas

Ordu Reduces Traffic Load of Metropolitan Sivas Junction

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality continues its efforts to reduce the traffic density in the city. In this context, the works, which were recently started and completed by the Metropolitan Municipality at the Altınordu District Municipality Junction, continue at the Sivas Junction. Fever at the crossroads day and night [more…]

Action plan of Eskisehir to fight with corona virus
26 Eskisehir

Eskişehir's Action Plan for Combating Corona Virus

Corona virus outbreak at the beginning of March with the start to be effective in the world that prepared the Action Plan to Combat Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality corona virus, the virus was planned measures will take the leap to Turkey. Metropolitan Municipality, which takes many measures within the scope of planning, [more…]

Manisa large city would draw attention to social distance in transportation
45 Manisa

Attention to Social Distance in Transportation ..!

Within the scope of combating the coronavirus epidemic, the Ministry of Interior issued a circular on public transportation vehicles to carry passengers at the rate of 50 percent of the passenger carrying capacity specified in the vehicle license. Stating that attention should be paid to social distance for a healthy transportation [more…]

Distance Travel Period in BUDO and BBBUS
16 Bursa

Distance Travel Period in BUDO and BBBUS

Burulaş, the transportation company of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, started to apply distance seat arrangement in BUDO and BBBUS with the slogan "We keep half of our seats empty for health." It emerged in China in a short time under the influence of areas all over the world and also in Turkey [more…]

The use of public transportation in Istanbul is decreasing every day
34 Istanbul

Public Transport Use Is Decreasing Every Day In Istanbul

Istanbul Statistics Office, established under the affiliation of BİMTAŞ, a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, shares data on how public transportation in Istanbul is affected by the outbreak on its official Twitter account. In addition, İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu and Municipality SözcüMurat Ongun is also [more…]

Izmir Buyuksehir Mask Started to Produce
35 Izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Mask Started to Produce

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality started to produce masks due to the coronavirus epidemic. Vocational Factory, affiliated with the Metropolitan Municipality, aims to produce an average of 2 thousand masks per day with sewing instructors. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality mobilized all its units against the coronavirus epidemic. Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

Free access to pharmacists and pharmacy staff in Izmir
35 Izmir

Free Access to Pharmacists and Pharmacy Employees in Izmir

Pharmacists and pharmacy employees will also benefit from public transportation free of charge, after healthcare professionals within the scope of combating coronavirus in Izmir. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, within the scope of combating coronavirus (COVID-19), after healthcare professionals, pharmacists and pharmacy employees are also [more…]

new arrangement for bus and tram services in konya
42 Konya

New Regulation for Bus and Tram Flights in Konya

Konya Metropolitan Municipality announced that due to coronavirus, there were arrangements for bus and tram services. Konya Metropolitan Municipality made the following statement: “Due to the coronavirus epidemic, our citizens should not leave the house as much as possible, as a result of the reduced demand for public transportation vehicles, our municipality [more…]