Coronavirus panic in marmaray
34 Istanbul

Coronary Virus Panic in Marmaray!

The eyes were turned into public transportation due to the coronavirus, which appeared in China and caused great panic all over the world. According to the information obtained by correspondent Mevlüt Yüksel, the corona virus panic was experienced at Marmaray Söğütlüçeşme Station. [more…]

apple bus terminal is rising fast

Elmalı Bus Terminal Rises Rapidly

The new bus station building built by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality in Elmalı on an area of ​​10 thousand square meters is rapidly rising. Works are continuing on the first floor of the bus station construction, whose basement and ground floors are completed. Service since the 1970s [more…]

tender bult

RayHaber 18.03.2020 Tender Bulletin

Mersin Metro Construction and Vehicle Purchase Tender (Tender Canceled) Surface Preparation Works Service for Freight Wagons, including Chemical Drug Purchase within the Scope of Combating Weeds (TÜDEMSAŞ)

New measures taken for coronavirus in the capital
06 Ankara

New Measures Taken for Coronary Virus in Capital

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has been on alert with all its units within the scope of combating coronavirus. With the instruction of the Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavas, new precautionary decisions were introduced. Rental fee taken from the businesses owned by the Metropolitan [more…]

Use of public transportation in Bursa has been halved
16 Bursa

Public Transportation Use Halved in Bursa

According to the information received from Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, the fact that schools are holidays, some private sector companies allow their employees, or the method of working remotely has cut public transportation use in half. 1 million per day [more…]

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Today in History: 18 March 2017 1915 ün

History in History 18 March 1920 Geyve Strait was taken under control by national forces, bridges and tunnels were destroyed. Telegraph lines that provide communication on the railway were cut. Pike to the passengers on the 18th of March 1967 Anatolian Express, [more…]