groove removal to metrobus and bus stops
34 Istanbul

Protect the Distance from Metrobus and Bus Stops

IETT puts the stickers they prepared in order to maintain a safe distance in Metrobus and buses to the waiting areas at Metrobus stops after public transportation vehicles. Within the framework of the measures taken against the Covid-19 pandemic, which affects the world, all public transportation [more…]

IETT Fleet Tracking Center Intervenes Instantly with Yogunlu
34 Istanbul

IETT Intervenes Instantly With The Fleet Tracking Center

According to the circular issued by the Ministry of Interior, public transportation vehicles can carry 50 percent of the capacity specified in the license. Considering all its lines and fleet within this scope, IETT Operations General Directorate will instantly monitor the passenger density in the Fleet Tracking Center [more…]

Call to stay at home from traffic lights in Van
65 Van

Call to Stay Home from Traffic Lights in Van

In order to reduce the spread of the coronavirus epidemic, Van Metropolitan Municipality called on the citizens to stay home by placing 'Stay at home' in the red light and the green light 'Go home' in the traffic signaling systems in the city. New type of coronavirus by the Ministry of Health [more…]

Call home with traffic signalization system in Trabzon
61 Trabzon

Call Hayde Home with Traffic Signaling System in Trabzon

Within the scope of coronavirus measures by Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality, citizens are called to 'Stay at Home' and 'Hayde Eve' with the traffic signaling system. The Metropolitan Municipality will carry out different studies to raise awareness that citizens should not leave the house unless they have to, against the coronavirus epidemic. [more…]

public transport services for healthcare professionals in Antalya is free
07 Antalya

Public Transport Free to Healthcare Professionals in Antalya

Healthcare workers in Antalya will benefit from public transportation services free of charge. With the instructions of the Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, Muhittin Böcek, healthcare workers will be able to benefit from the rail system free of charge by showing their personnel cards and vehicles with official plates belonging to the Metropolitan Municipality. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

mesot is disinfected
33 Mersin

MEŞOT is Disinfected

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality continues its disinfection works tightly throughout the city against the coronavirus spreading all over the world. Metropolitan teams have been intensely disinfected at the Mersin Intercity Bus Terminal (MEŞOT) in the recent days when intercity travel has increased due to the coronavirus epidemic. [more…]

corona virus warning that makes you smile at traffic lights of course
46 Kahramanmaras

Spiked Corona Virus Warning at Traffic Lights in Elbistan

  In order to increase sensitivity to the danger of corona virus in Elbistan district of Kahramanmaraş, the people in the district were warned with the local dialect of 'Neeş vision', 'go home' and 'stay at home' with traffic signaling systems. Public awareness of the corona virus epidemic and [more…]

social distance to buses and trams in gaziantep
27 Gaziantep

Social Distance Lane for Buses and Trams in Gaziantep

Social Distance Lane for Buses and Trams in Gaziantep; Gaziulaş, affiliated to Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, implemented a striping system in order to keep the distance in trams and passenger buses. To the passenger seats, ”Dear passengers. Leave this seat empty for your health ”label [more…]

sakarya nostalgic tram tender was placed on the coronavirus
54 Sakarya

Sakarya Nostalgic Tram Tender Placed on Coronavirus

Sakarya Nostalgic Tram Tender Stuck to Coronavirus; The tender for the construction of the tram line to be built between the New Mosque and the Millet Garden in Sakarya has been postponed to a later date within the scope of coronavirus measures. It will be held by Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality on Tuesday, April 14. [more…]

February bear bridge and highway revenues explained
34 Istanbul

February Bridge and Highway Revenues Announced

The revenue from bridges and highways in February was 186 million 252 thousand 186 liras. According to the data of the General Directorate of Highways, 15 million 8 thousand 492 from the bridges of July 468 Martyrs and Fatih Sultan Mehmet in Istanbul in February [more…]

railway will overcome the corona barrier in trade
06 Ankara

Railway will overcome the corona barrier in foreign trade

Minister of Trade Ruhsar Pekcan, stating that they implemented "non-contact foreign trade" within the scope of the measures taken against the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic, said, "We have achieved serious successes that will set an example to the whole world with this work. These routes of our business world and [more…]

public transportation vehicles are disinfected regularly
42 Konya

Public Transport Vehicles Are Regularly Disinfected in Konya

Konya Metropolitan Municipality, the outbreak of coronaviruses to work for the health of the citizens from the very first day it began to be seen in Turkey continues uninterrupted. Konya Metropolitan Municipality, within the scope of the Disinfection Action Plan, in the center and 28 districts so far; municipal service buildings, public [more…]

konya big city took new measures in transportation
42 Konya

Konya Commercial Vehicle Owners Attention ..!

Konya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Planning and Rail System Department, in order to successfully continue the fight against the coronavirus epidemic in all areas throughout Konya, the relevant ministries and the Governorate, within the framework of the precautions taken before, meticulously and decisively. [more…]