Social Distance Adjustment to Public Transportation in Kayseri

social distance adjustment in public transportation in kayser
social distance adjustment in public transportation in kayser

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality also made arrangements in public transportation for the social distance that must be followed at every moment of life due to the threat of coronavirus. Accordingly, intermittent seating system was introduced in the rail system and buses.

Due to the threat of coronavirus, efforts are now being made to maintain social distance at every moment of life. In public transportation, it is seen that social distance is applied both in front of ticket offices and bus and rail station stops. Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality has made arrangements to protect the social distance in public transportation.

Some seats in rail system vehicles were hung by warning labels about social distance by the Metropolitan Municipality and these seats were left empty and passengers were seated intermittently. In addition to this precaution, announcements such as “Maintain social distance for your health” are frequently made in rail system vehicles.

Social distance adjustment was also made to the seating arrangement on buses like rail system vehicles. Passengers maintain their social distances by sitting in a seat.

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