Spiked Corona Virus Warning at Traffic Lights in Elbistan

corona virus warning that makes you smile at traffic lights of course
corona virus warning that makes you smile at traffic lights of course


In order to increase the susceptibility to corona virus danger in Elbistan district of Kahramanmaraş, the people in the district were warned as 'Neeş seeing', 'go home' and 'stay home' locally.


Elbistan Municipality, which continues to take every precaution in order to increase the awareness and awareness of the public against the corona virus epidemic and to spread the measures taken to the locals in the best way, warns 'drivers at home with the signaling system' waiting at the traffic lights.

The Municipality of Elbistan is making great efforts to effectively reflect the measures taken against the corona virus, which spreads from China and shows its effect all over the world. In this context, citizens are invited to stay at home at traffic lights throughout the district. With the signalization system placed in the lights, the words "stay at home" in red light, "joy seeing" in which the Elbistan accent is prominent in yellow light, and "go home" in green light are remarkable. In the statement made about the work, Elbistan Municipality said, “We spread our corona virus measures to life in every field. For this purpose, we wrote articles such as stay at home at traffic lights, a lot of joy in the Elbistan language, and go home to attract our citizens' attention and stay at home. What we want from our citizens is that the most important measure against this virus is that they stay at home. Life fits home we say stay at home ”

While the call, which attracted the attention of citizens, became the focus of public attention, they also thanked the Elbistan Municipality for their meticulous work in combating the Korona virus. The drivers stated that they caught the attention of the article and said that citizens should not go out of their homes unless it is compulsory.

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