Terminal Fee Will Not Be Taken From Minibus Tradesmen In Izmir

Terminal fee will not be taken from minibus tradesmen in Izmir
Terminal fee will not be taken from minibus tradesmen in Izmir

The fall in public transportation due to the corona epidemic also hit the tradesmen of minibuses. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality decided not to take the terminal fees paid by each minibus for three months.

The number of those who went out on the streets due to the efforts to combat the epidemic in İzmir decreased. Most of those who have to go out to the streets usually use their private vehicles. One of the biggest indicators of this is that the boarding of public transportation vehicles of the Metropolitan Municipality has decreased by 80 percent.

President Soyer endorsed

Taking care of this situation, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department did not forget the minibus trades. The proposal that the terminal entry-exit fees paid by minibuses and minibuses affiliated to private transportation institutions should not be taken temporarily was presented to the presidency. Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer personally approved this decision, which should be taken by the members of parliament, on the grounds of "ordinary conditions and force majeure". Accordingly, minibus and minibus tradesmen will not pay terminal entry-exit fee for three months.

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