Call Hayde Home with Traffic Signaling System in Trabzon

Call home with traffic signalization system in Trabzon
Call home with traffic signalization system in Trabzon

Within the scope of the coronavirus measures, Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality calls for 'Stay at Home' and 'Hayde Eve' with the traffic signaling system.

Metropolitan Municipality continues to work differently to raise awareness of the citizens not to leave the house unless they are obliged to coronavirus epidemic. In this context, a warning note was placed on the signalization lights in the city center by the Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department. Accordingly, reminders of 'Stay at Home' in red light and 'Hayde Eve' in green light. The study was welcomed by the people of Trabzon.


The statement made by the Trabzon Municipality, "Turkey and the world in general neglect in the home to protect it from the effects of the coronavirus outbreak increases with each passing day is of great importance. Our people should be careful not to leave the house unless it is necessary in this process. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we added a new one to our awareness raising activities with the signalization warning we made and we received very positive feedback from our citizens. In the fight against coronavirus, we make every effort to protect the health of our nurses. We ask our citizens to stay at home and prevent the spread of the disease. We can only handle this job if we take it hand in hand. Please be aware of the seriousness of the situation and consider the warnings. ”

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