Bursa was ahead of 2 cities in 141 years in traffic jams

Bursa was in the traffic jam year after year passed to the city
Bursa was in the traffic jam year after year passed to the city

Intelligent intersection applications and road widening activities implemented by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality were reflected in international data, which reduced traffic congestion. Bursa, which was the 2018th most congested city in 160, was ranked 2019th in 208 in the research of the Netherlands-based company that prepared traffic jams worldwide.

Hollanda Navigation technology company based in the TomTom The 2019 data of the TomTom Traffic Index, which it created to help cities around the world combat serious mobility challenges, has been announced. Drivers, city planners, car manufacturers and policies statistics and information about traffic jams in 6 countries in the 57-makers on 416 continents offering the research was given to 10 cities from Turkey. While the city with the most congested traffic is Bengaluru from India, Manila from the Philippines and Bogota from Colombia are the third most congested city. Istanbul, where traffic congestion was determined as 2019 percent in 55, became the 9th most congested city after India New Delhi.

Decreased 2 steps in 141 years

Ankara, where traffic congestion is determined as 32 percent, ranks 100th in the list, while İzmir 134, Antalya 144 and Adana are 180th. Among the Turkish cities involved in the research, Bursa became one of the cities where traffic relief was provided. Entering the 2017 data of the TomTom Traffic Index as the 67th most congested city, Bursa was ranked 5th, leaving 2018 cities behind in the 93 list with a 160 percent relief in traffic. Bursa's traffic congestion in 2019 also provided a 1 percent relief compared to the previous year, and fell to 208th in the world cities. Thus, Bursa left the 2 cities behind in the last 141 years and became one of the cities that relieved traffic day by day.

11 August best day

According to 2019 statistics, Bursa had the most comfortable day in traffic on Sunday, August 11. The lowest congestion in traffic today has been measured as 10 percent. The worst day of 2019 was reflected in the statistics as Monday, December 30. The highest congestion today reached 49 percent. Traffic data that occurred during the weekday morning and evening peak hours were also included in the study. Accordingly, the peak density in the morning was 32 percent, and the peak in the evening was 55 percent. According to these data, Bursa residents spent an additional 30 minutes for a 10-minute journey in the morning and an additional 17 minutes in the evening.

This is just the beginning

Evaluating the traffic index data announced, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş said, “Bursa was ranked 416th among the most congested cities in 2019 in the research of the Netherlands-based navigation technology company that prepared traffic congestion statistics for 208 cities worldwide. We ranked 2018th in the 160 data of the same company and 2017th in the 67 data. This means: As Bursa, we have left 2017 cities across the world since 141 and covered a significant distance in terms of traffic relief. It is gratifying for us to reflect the relief in Bursa traffic to international data. Our priority has always been transportation in Bursa. We focused on smart junction applications and road expansion works. Even these studies led to a significant relief in traffic. However, these studies are just the beginning. We will see that the congestion in traffic will decrease even more with the bridge junctions, new rail system lines, the extension of the existing rail system to certain locations, the rail system signalization optimization. In addition, with the Traffic Control Center and Electronic Supervision System we will implement, faulty parks will be prevented and speed and light violations will be reduced. Thus, the traffic flow will accelerate even more. ”

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