Bursa Metropolitan Municipality asphalting the damaged roads in the districts (Photo Gallery)

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality asphalt the damaged roads in the districts: İznik, Yenişehir and Mustafakemalpaşa'da Karacabey'da in the road that connects the center of the town on the way to the paving of the road commence Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, Bursa and the districts, as well as villages, said they would not leave the road distorted.
The Metropolitan Municipality, which started the asphalting works in the districts from İznik, continued its activities in Yenişehir and Mustafakemalpaşa respectively. Finally, in Karacabey, the asphalting works of the Bogazkoy road linking the district center to the coastal band were initiated with the participation of the Mayor Recep Altepe.
Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, in Bursa to organize the existing roads and the opening of new roads constitute the most important item. In all districts and regions, Altepe stated that they started an intensive activity including village roads. Karacabey's city center will be relieved by the fact that this road is made more paved and more functional, especially when Karacabey goes to Yeniköy and Bayramdere regions and the vehicles that use it this way use more this way Bu.
Expressing that the road leading to the coastline from Karacabey is an important artery in terms of relieving urban traffic, President Altepe stated that they will finish the asphalt works that started here as soon as possible. Underlining that the road will be put into service in a very short period of time, President Altepe, ey ​​Hopefully all shortcomings will be completed and Karacabey will continue to work in all areas to be an accessible city. I would like to thank Karacabey Municipality and the people who contributed. Already get auspicious auspicious '' he said.
Karacabey Mayor Ali Özkan, who joined the asphalting works with the Mayor of Altepe, emphasized that the Karacabey Boğazköy-Bayramdere highway would prevent the heavy tonnage vehicles and the tractors to use urban traffic.

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