Yenişehir renewed traffic signs

Traffic signs were renewed in Yenişehir: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Traffic Branch Directorate renewed traffic signs in Yenişehir district.
First of all, the direction signs at the junction of the New Ring Road, İnegöl and Bursa connection roads and the Sculpture Junction and İznik Road were renewed by the teams affiliated to Bursa Büyükiikşehir Municipality Traffic Branch Office. Speed ​​barriers were placed in front of Osmangazi High School and various pedestrian crossing signs were renewed. The main and evacuation road was determined at the signalized intersection. In the study carried out in order to prevent traffic accidents caused by markings and to increase visibility, a total of 40 plates were renewed, while Bursa Büyükiikşehir Traffic Branch Directorate reported that the work will continue on the roads needed.

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