Road and Traffic Contribution Tax comes to vehicles

road and traffic share will be taken from new tax law vehicles in the country
road and traffic share will be taken from new tax law vehicles in the country

It was claimed that a new tax was requested in the draft local government prepared by the AKP. According to the draft, 10 percent of the Motor Vehicle Tax 'Road and Traffic Contribution' will be taken.

Emine Kaplan from CumhuriyetAccording to the report, the draft of the local government, which the government is continuing its preparations, is envisaged to impose a new tax on those who are intermediaries under the name of "Road and Traffic Share" to increase the revenues of the municipalities.

According to this, 10% of Motor Vehicle Tax will be collected from the citizens for “Road and Traffic Contribution”. This share will be collected by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance together with MTV. The president will be authorized to cut this rate down to 1 percent and double it.

These shares collected in metropolitan cities will be pooled and 40 percent will be sent to metropolitan municipalities. The remaining 60 percent will be transferred to the district municipalities in the metropolitan cities.

According to the bill, while separating the metropolitan and other places in the environmental tax of the houses, it is foreseen to increase the tax to at least 17 cents per cubic meter and at most 47 cents per meter based on the water consumption amount.

The President will be authorized to cut this amount up to half or increase it twice.

According to the draft, citizens over the age of 65 will be able to make free use of public transportation, limited to the start and end of working hours.

The draft also envisages giving green passports to former metropolitan and provincial mayors and introducing new criteria for the appointment of the general secretary and assistants of the metropolitan municipality.

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