Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Will Take A Tender For A Taxi

samsun buyuksehir municipality will bid for a taxi
samsun buyuksehir municipality will bid for a taxi

Aiming to meet the needs of the taxi and the expectations of the citizens in Samsun, the Metropolitan Municipality will bid for a taxi. While the need for a taxi was revealed in the report prepared by the Department of Transportation, it was learned that the tender date will be announced in the coming days.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which carries out studies to minimize the transportation problem in Samsun, is determined to solve the problem of the number of commercial taxis, which is quite low compared to other provinces. While the "Commercial Taxi Vehicle Needs Analysis" report prepared by the Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department reveals that there is a need for a taxi in Samsun, the Metropolitan Municipality will solve the problem by reconstructing the latest taxi tender held in 1973. The date of the taxi tender will be announced to the public in the coming days.


Reminding that the most recent commercial taxi (T) plate tender was held in Samsun in 1973, Kadir Gürkan, Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department Head, said, “The decrease in the number of taxis in the center due to the fact that a significant portion of the T-plate taxis switched to the (D) numbered taxi lines established between 1982 and 2001. it was. With the increase in the need for urban transportation, there are 1 commercial taxis in the central districts of Samsun, which has a population of 335 million 716 thousand 893. In other words, 0,67 taxis per thousand, which is very low compared to developed cities. Hopefully, we aim to increase this rate higher with the tender we will hold. ”


Pointing out that the commercial taxis currently operating in Atakum, İlkadım and Canik districts are inadequate in meeting the needs and expectations of the citizens, Gürkan said, “In Samsun, which is growing rapidly, the number of commercial taxi (T) plate vehicles per thousand people is at the first stage in order to meet the citizen satisfaction and expectations. We plan to increase it to 0,70, 0,80 in the second stage, 1,00 in the third stage, and 1,20 in the fourth stage. The report we prepared already reveals the need for a taxi in the city. We will announce the tender date and conditions we will organize to meet this need. ”

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