Metro Istanbul Staff Have Fun And Learned

metro istanbul staff both enjoyed and learned
metro istanbul staff both enjoyed and learned

Metro Istanbul Esenler Regional Operations Directorate, which aims to provide training to its employees while having a pleasant time at an intensive business pace, organized a quiz.

Esenler Regional Operations Directorate of Metro Istanbul, a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), organized a quiz in order to provide employees with a fun time and to raise awareness about business rules. 14 security guards and 12 train drivers competed in the quiz organized over Kahoot, a game-based learning plantform used in schools and various educational institutions.

Those who rank were awarded a plaque…

While Hakan Özçelik came in first in the competition held at Esenler Multi-Purpose Hall on Friday, January 31, 2019; Selami Tombaş came second and Salih Bahadır third. In train drivers, the first was İbrahim Aydın, the second was Hatice Gül Üstündağ, and the third was Emrah Özcan. Congratulatory plaques were awarded to those who ranked.

Metro Istanbul Esenler Regional Operations Directorate has been implementing the Kahoot program in order to make it enjoyable to learn at regular intervals for two years, to teach all its staff the information they want to convey or to teach them in an entertaining way rather than as an exam.

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