TEM Metris Bridge Interchange Opens

tem metris breakout junction opens
tem metris breakout junction opens

IMM has completed the construction of the crossroads and side roads that will ease the traffic of Metris, which is one of the key points of Istanbul. On February 5, IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluThe intersection, which will be opened by , will eliminate the vehicle traffic on the way from Edirne to Sultangazi and Arnavutköy.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, which has accelerated its efforts for the transportation of the city, has come to an end in the 'Metris Junction North-South Yanyol and Köprülü Junction', which will reduce vehicle traffic in the direction of the TEM highway / Sultangazi-Arnavutköy connection.

Within the scope of the works, a 4 thousand 500 meters long side road and a double lane U vehicle return bridge of approximately 120 meters were built to connect the TEM highway to Sultangazi and Gaziosmanpaşa districts.


Thanks to the study, the TEM highway, the direction of Sultangazi-Arnavutköy at the Metris junction in the direction of Ankara will be provided from the newly built U-turn vehicle bridge. In this way, the traffic density at the junction will be significantly reduced.

Thanks to the side road linking to Gaziosmanpaşa, a direct link to the district of Gaziosmanpaşa will be provided from the TEM highway. TEM side road connection will be possible from Sultangazi district in the direction of Otogar in Edirne direction.

Tem Metris Bridge Junction and Side Roads opening ceremony IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluIt will be held on February 5 with the participation of .

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