Kartepe Teleferik Project is in Another Spring!

kartepe cable car
kartepe cable car

The dream of a ropeway that Kartepe and Kocaeli tourism has been waiting for about 50 years is again another spring. 10 December The ropeway to the groundbreaking ceremony at 2018 will not reach 2020, the delivery date

Kartepe, the first place that comes to mind when winter tourism is mentioned in Kocaeli, was laid for 10 in December 2018 for its cable car which has longed for years and could not be implemented, but it remained in its original form despite the months passed. In the 2017 tender held on September 2018, the groundbreaking ceremony was held at the Derbent Mountain Road-Polygon Area and Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu, the mayor of the period, received the promise to deliver the project for 2020 from the contractor firm Valter Asansör. In the Kartepe assembly, 2020 was also a dream. Hüseyin Üzülmez, former mayor of Kartepe Municipality and İbrahim Karaoasmonğlu, former metropolitan mayor, used this project among the investment plans during each election period. It seems that the project will remain among the AKP's investment projects in the new election periods.


Mayor Kocaman said that he had examined the contract about the cable car which was brought up in Kartepe Assembly last day and said, “A very nice contract was prepared in the previous period. However, the economic contraction and exchange rate fluctuations affected the contractor and failed to fulfill its commitment. The legal process continues. I even protect the council's 1 penny. We will implement this project without any harm to our municipality. Whatever happens, we're not going to step back on the cable car. Hopefully, if there is no mania from Allah, we will bring the cable car to Kartepe in this period. Land

KARAOSMANOĞLU said he had given the job!

Ibrahim Karaosmanoglu, the Mayor of the period, said that they gave the job to the people at the ropeway grounding ceremony. We take the promise of this from our company. Municipalities can do this, but you have to give this to your people. If we do it as a municipality, it causes a lot of expenses and operational problems. Build-operate-transfer model is the healthiest. I've seen the Valter Company where it operates, hopefully they will find the same quality. I think they will not destroy the nature. I'm very sensitive to the environment, I think it will be a work in harmony with the nature of the place..


The tender of the giant project, which is considered as 50 annual dream in Kartepe and which will allow the summit of Samanlı Mountains to reach Izmit Bay and Sapanca Lake at the same time over the forests with many tree species, was realized in September, and the tender was held with the highest bid of Valter Elevator Company. He had received. The ropeway project delivered in March 2017 is expected to cost approximately 2018 Million TL, while this cost will reach 71 Million TL with the facilities to be built around it. 100 thousand 4 meters line between Hikmetiye-Derbent Kuzu Plateau Recreation Area, which is the first stage of the cable car line, which has all permissions from the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, will be operated for the year 960. The ropeway line to be built with Build-Operate-Transfer model will be two-way and 29 rope. The giant project, which will change Kartepe's vision, will increase the tourism potential of both the district and our province by serving at least 3 thousand people annually.


The cable car line starting from Derbent Tourism Region (Hikmetiye) will end at Kuzu Yayla Nature Park. While the ropeway line is 4.67 km long, 15 mast and 2 station buildings will be built within the scope of the project. Carrier rope width will be 10 meters, and the cable car will have total 24 10 cabins. The ropeway line will run on masts ranging from 11.06 meters to 45.95 meters. Hikmetiye Station will serve on 20.000 square meters and Kuzuyayla Station on 3644 square meters. (Oğuzhan Aktaş - Kocaeli Barış Newspaper)

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