Additional Measures against IETT Metrobus Accidents

Additional measures against metrobus accidents
Additional measures against metrobus accidents

Despite the huge decline in 2019 in Metrobus accidents, IETT has made a new assessment on two recent accidents. The Head of the Inspection Board was personally assigned to investigate the accidents. An expert was requested from the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers.

Metrobus, which travels 7 thousand times a day with 220 thousand kilometers and carries 1 million passengers, is carrying out serious works to prevent accidents. After the accidents on the Metrobus line in October, 6 and 8 IETT management came together to re-evaluate. Deputy General Manager of IETT Hamdi Alper Kolukısa led the meeting, the causes of metrobus accidents and measures were discussed. Along with the heads of departments, all relevant managers of IETT attended the meeting.

Deputy General Manager Kolukısa stated that a detailed investigation was initiated regarding the source of the accidents and stated that the Head of the Inspection Board was personally assigned in the administrative investigation. Kolukısa, the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers also demanded an expert, he added.

During the meeting, the drivers and drivers of the previously used vehicles were also discussed. Within this framework, it was decided to reconsider the trainings provided to drivers on healthier driving and to take their shares in accidents into account.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, metrobus accidents occurred after the measures have been increased, such accidents in order to prevent the "Early Warning System" began to be put into operation.

As a result of the measures taken, according to IETT data, the number of accidents on the line is also falling. The number of accidents by years is as follows:

metrobus statistics
metrobus statistics


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