Marmaray and Metrobus grabbed 10 million ferry passengers

📩 12/12/2018 18:27

Marmaray and metrobus captured 10 million steamer passengers: Marmaray and metrobus, one of the giant projects of Istanbul, built with end-to-end transportation networks, received nearly 10 million passengers of City Lines annually.

The General Manager of the City Lines, Yakup Güler stated that they did not view the developments in transportation as negativity, they were positive about transportation in the city and they looked positive for every solution that provides comfortable transportation of citizens.

Stating that the number of passengers that Marmaray and metrobus received from the City Lines is close to 10 million annually, Güler said, “From a potential of 57 million, it has been reduced to 46-47 million. Our ships are at 20-25 percent in terms of occupancy. ” he spoke.

Güler stated that the occupancy rates are high during the morning and evening, during peak hours, but it eases at noon, “As an institution, we offer our passengers a high capacity supply. We will prepare the ground for benefiting from sea transportation with smaller types of vehicles to short lines or less passengers. We are carrying out studies in this direction as a company. ” spoke in the form.

“(Privatization) There is no such issue on our agenda”

Yakup Güler, on the question about the privatization of City Lines, stated that there is no such issue in their agenda and emphasized that City Lines is one of the most effective transportation services that Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality offers to Istanbul residents.

Güler stated that the City Lines have the value and image that constitute one of the most important figures of the life of Istanbul, “It is not possible at the moment to talk about a privatization.” said.

Güler said, “There is no project at the moment, whether the City Lines has a project regarding heavy cargo transportation or transportation outside Istanbul. A resource is not allocated to this. Our focus now is to transport passengers with high quality, safe, comfortable, fast, large and small boats in Istanbul. ” paid off.

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