Hyperloop Train to be Opened Until 2040

hyperloop train will be in service by
hyperloop train will be in service by

Today, with the development of technology, transportation has become easier and faster. Yet engineers are working to make transportation easier and faster, one of which is Hyperloop.

The vehicle, defined as a high-level cross-rail system, will combine air and rail transport to ensure fast, comfortable and efficient transport. Daniel Carbonell, technical director of the Hyperloop team HYP-ED at the University of Edinburgh, says they are continuing their research to make the Hyperloop concept a reality.

hyperloop train will be in service by
hyperloop train will be in service by

Carbonell said that they produced the first three prototype modules at the international competition organized by SpaceX in the UK. "The main focus of the competition is speed, but as HYP-ED, we have used this platform to demonstrate new technologies such as contactless magnetic lifting and propulsion," Carbonell said.

Daniel Carbonell said that the Hyperloop project combines aircraft and train technologies to form high-pressure capsules at low pressure, and with the aim of achieving high speeds such as 1287 km / h. Engineers say that this system will be available during the 20 year, and that this system will be used at the latest in 2040.

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