Channel Istanbul's Cost 75 Billion TL

Channel Istanbul
Channel Istanbul

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's “crazy project” Channel Istanbul's Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report will be finalized in November 28 Review Evaluation Commission (IDK) meeting will be held. 75 is planned to be completed in 7 year. 4 for the channel will be excavated throughout the year and 1.1 will have a billion cubic meters of excavation

28 on Channel Istanbul, which was designed by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, was announced by the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning on November 2019. There are significant changes in the EIA report, which will be finalized at the IDC meeting. The cost of the project, which will pass through the districts of Küçükçekmece, Avcılar, Arnavutköy and Başakşehir, is approximately 45 km long and 20.75 meters deep, has increased to 60 billion TL, which was previously announced as 75 billion TL.

SözcüAccording to Özlem Güvemli's report, 20 within the scope of Kanal Istanbul Project In the EIA Application File submitted to 2018 in February, it was planned to create 3 artificial team islands in the Marmara Sea with suitable materials from the channel excavation. As a result of ongoing engineering and feasibility studies, it was announced that the islands were abandoned because they were not considered financially effective. Again in the same file Sazlıdere Marina in-channel navigation safety and detailed engineering work was canceled after the recorded. A marina with a thousand 200 mooring places will be built in the Küçükçekmece Lake just at the entrance to the Marmara Sea.

Channel Istanbul 7 to be completed annually

The previously envisaged one-year preparation period has also been increased to 2 years. In the report, it was stated that a slight hitch would cause the extension of the whole project and therefore the preparation period of 2 year would be a safe approach for planning. In this case, the investment period will be 7 years and it is stated that ilk The first 7 year of the projected 2 year (starting from the tender phase) for the investment is considered as the preparatory period (finalization of financing, field works, preparation of implementation projects, mobilization works, etc.).

Canal Istanbul's excavations will last 4 years

According to the report, the excavation phase of the project will also last 4 years. Approximately 275 million cubic meters will be excavated annually. The total amount of excavation to be released from the channel was calculated as approximately 1 billion 155 million 668 thousand cubic meters. Of this amount, 1 billion 79 million 252 thousand cubic meters of land excavation, 76 million 416 thousand cubic meters of sea and lake screening will constitute. The 1,1 million cubic meter of the 800 billion cubic meter excavation planned to be carried out on land along the channel will be carried out in the section connected to the Black Sea.

One-way operation of Canal Istanbul was decided

As a result of the studies carried out within the scope of the operation (traffic) simulation and determination of the channel operation principle within the scope of Kanal Istanbul Project, it was decided to operate the channel one way. Within the scope of Kanal Istanbul Project; In the channel, emergency mooring areas, emergency response centers, channel entry and exit structures, infrastructure and superstructures such as ship traffic systems, port, logistics center, marina, coastal structures that will provide access across the channel at the required points, fortifications and coastal facilities such as landfills.

The projects to be developed as integrated with Kanal Istanbul Project are; Marmara and Black Sea Container Ports, Küçükçekmece Yacht Harbor and Black Sea coastal recreation fill and logistic area fill. A total of 54 million 605 thousand 865 square meters will be built on the Black Sea coast for recreation and logistics. The material will be used in the excavation.

There are agricultural lands, partly forest areas and settlements and water bodies on and around this route in general. Within these water surfaces, Sazlıdere Dam, which provides daily water needs of Istanbul's 24-25, will be canceled as it is located on the route.

8-10 thousand people will work in the construction of Kanal Istanbul

Approximately 8-10 will be employed during the construction phase of the project, while 500-800 will be employed during the operational phase. The area where the construction activities will be carried out, which is defined as the working area, is calculated as approximately 63.2 million square meters. After the completion of construction activities will be abandoned for other public needs cut to the border of the channel structure approach will be 25.75 million square meters. The area to be used for the channel was announced as 37.5 million square meters.

Canal Istanbul will harm birds' habitat

A total of 21 species and 44 bird species belonging to 124 family were identified along the canal route. Stating that some of the bird species identified in the report use certain parts of the project area as wintering area, breeding area and accommodation area, it is thought that the greatest impact of the project activity on birds will be habitat loss. Küçükçekmece Lake is the richest area in terms of species diversity in the project area. It creates favorable areas in the surrounding and water bodies for both wintering species, breeding species and species that migrate during migration. The loss of these areas will affect the reproduction and wintering populations of some critically important species. In order to prevent these, it is recommended that some of the Küçükçekmece Lake be separated with a sedede and preserved with its current state and that a habitat similar to the reeds area in Altınşehir should be established within the preserved lake area. I

Mandatory landing at the new airport

Baklalı, Boyalık, Dursunköy agricultural land in the vicinity of tired or bad weather conditions during migration, which can not continue due to the storks, especially for migratory birds were transferred to the vital importance. During the autumn migration, large flocks landed in the agricultural areas of Istanbul University in the northwest of Küçükçekmece Lake and said, ile With the disappearance of these areas, it will be possible to land in open areas near Çatalca. There are no previously available areas for birds who cross the Strait in spring. In this case, the birds will necessarily have to land either in the meadows around the New Airport site or in the openings around Çatalca. Considering the distance of these areas to the current accommodation areas, it is foreseen that the birds will be able to reach these areas without any problems and it is foreseen that there will be no negative effects for the birds using for accommodation amaçlı.

Kanal Istanbul's works started at 2011

The report also explained the history of the project. With the works initiated in 2011, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, General Directorate of Highways, among the 5 alternatives, starting from the point that separates the Sea of ​​Marmara from Küçükçekmece Lake, passing through the Sazlıdere Dam Basin, reaching the east of Dursunköy and reaching the east of Baklalı Village. After crossing the Black Sea to the east of Lake Terkos route to the Strait of Istanbul alternative waterway "Channel Istanbul Project" was determined to be the most suitable route.

4 On February 2017, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments (AYGM) was informed that the works related to the execution of the Kanal Istanbul Project in line with this route were determined. It was explained that AYGM started the tender for the survey-project work at 14 July 2017 and started the work on 8 August 2017 with the completion of the necessary procedures.

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