Channel Istanbul

Channel Istanbul

Channel Istanbul

As the largest project in the history of the Turkish Republic, the debate continues for the Kanal Istanbul project, which is closely followed by millions of people. In spite of the long time passed, Kanal Istanbul's tender date 2019 has not been announced, but the project has been dragged on.

According to the news in Emlak365; “The Channel Istanbul project, which victimizes people who have immovable properties on the Channel Istanbul route due to its protraction, continues to be discussed.

The debate between the parties in the project, which President Erdogan describes as "my biggest dream", is climbing in tension between the parties since the tender date of the project is not announced.

In particular, the expected date of the tender for the Kanal Istanbul project, which caused intense debates during the first time it was introduced on social media, was not announced, but the delay caused a decrease in the number of supporters of the project.

While it was seen that many of the people who supported the project were disappointed at the time of its introduction, objections of “Kanal Istanbul means environmental massacre” have been continuing since the first day.

Ekrem İmamoğlu: Kanal Istanbul Not Necessary

In the local elections, he took over the seat of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality from the AK Party. Ekrem İmamoğlu He described the project as unnecessary in the statement he made after a question about the Kanal Istanbul project was received in the program of a private television channel he participated in.

Ekrem İmamoğlu In his statement, he said, “Everyone knows my opinion about Kanal Istanbul, more or less. Of course I would like to discuss this. I would like to discuss the mistakes and shortcomings in our opinion. It was given to a company, a canal was drawn, an airport was placed around it.

A company plan can work. But as the base of the plan is formed, both in the world literature and in terms of planning issue. I find Kanal Istanbul against the nature of Istanbul. We can talk about it as a program. ”He stated that he did not want the project.

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