Flights Restarted From Boztepe

boztepeden flights started again
boztepeden flights started again

Paragliding Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality 8 resumed after months with the initiatives of Mehmet Hilmi Güler.

Stating that Boztepe, which is one of the numbered areas for paragliding sports in the world and which can be reached by cable car in a short time, is one of the guest rooms of the city, Mayor Güler said, “Our aim is to contribute to the promotion and promotion of Ordu. We will support the activities carried out within this scope until the end. ”


Ordu is the attraction center and visited by thousands of tourists every year, Boztepe emphasized the importance of the resumption of flights recently interrupted. Mehmet Hilmi Güler said, “The army is not only a city where 3 will live for months. Our goal is to make the Army a city where 12 can live and travel. In this context, the paragliding, which had been suspended before, resumed as a result of our negotiations and arrangements with THK and the General Directorate of Civil Aviation. As Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, the studies are continuing in every field so that our city can get more shares from tourism cake. The target of all the studies we have done and will be done is to make the Army more publicized. ”

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