Boztepe's Charm Will Grow with Investments

The charm of boztepen will increase with the investments
The charm of boztepen will increase with the investments

One of the most important tourism and attraction centers of the Army, with the unique view and proximity to the city as one of the rare terraces of the world shown in the 530 meter-high Boztepe attracted the attraction of the investments will be increased.

Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mehmet Hilmi Güler stated that Boztepe is one of the most important brands of Ordu and said'n Boztepe is our guest room. We want to get more mobility here. We continue our efforts to raise the standard of the vehicle road that provides access to Boztepe mek.


In addition to the ropeway which provides comfortable transportation to Boztepe which is the brand of Ordu province, President Güler stated that they continue our works intensively in order to raise the standard of the vehicle road used by thousands of people every day in the summer months. . Güler said, “We rearranged the ropeway hours. From now on, it will start earlier and serve until later. On the other hand, especially in the summer months, thousands of people use the vehicle road is now getting a high standard of healthy structure, we have started our work on the road to Boztepe again. Hot asphalt has been completed in 4,6 km. Production of art structures is over. Production of 22 thousand 500 cubic meters stone wall and manufacturing of 50 meter culverts. Again in this scope, we realized the production of 120 meters of reinforced concrete walls. Currently the 1,6 km is getting ready for hot asphalt. In this context, excavation, filling, soil improvement works have been completed. Work on asphalt pavement works continues. Our target is to cover this 1,6 km immediately with hot asphalt if weather conditions are appropriate Hedef.


Mr. Boztepe stated that they want to increase the brand value. Mehmet Hilmi Güler said, Mehmet We want to focus on navigation terraces. We are projecting them. In the future, we will sell landscapes. There is a small cafeteria and a buffet at the place where city terraces are located. Both there will provide a loop and the beauties of the Army can be exhibited here. Boztepe in some suitable places Erguvan, magnolia, rhododendrons, blooming trees like color roses, we want to beautify the view, de he said.

Boztepe road, 15 meter width and 3 lanes will be available for the use of private vehicles and tour buses.

Günceleme: 16/05/2019 12:34

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