Çetin Emeç Approaching the End of the Overpass Bridge

cetin emecte approaching the end
cetin emecte approaching the end

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality continues to bring new and modern overpasses to the city and continues to work on the project. Manufacturing and other construction works are underway at the new Çetin Emeç Overpass Bridge, whose steel body was placed on the legs last month. In line with the works of the Department of Science, elevator and facade cladding manufacturing continues.

Slip-resistant TARTAN runway will be built

Within the framework of the project, the railing of the overpass was completed and lighting poles were erected on the overpass. The elevator and facade manufacturing of the overpass, which is currently underway, will be made of non-slip tartan runway on the main body and stair floors. Landscaping and sidewalk manufacturing of the modern overpass will also be realized.


The new Çetin Emeç Overpass was built 39 meters long. 80 tons of steel, 15 tons of reinforcing steel and 115 cubic meters of concrete were used for overpass production. 33 square meter composite covering, 192 square meter half cover facade covering, 4 security camera, 19 lighting fixture manufacturing and electrical infrastructure works were made for elevator and electrical productions.


In the new modern overpass, two elevators will serve the citizens. The Metropolitan Municipality will keep the existing overpass bridge open until the opening of the new bridge to prevent citizens from crossing the street. Citizens living in the region and frequently using the Çetin Emeç Overpass welcome the construction of the new Çetin Emeç Overpass.

Günceleme: 10/10/2019 10:46

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