Doubles the Number of Istanbulkart Centers

doubles the number of istanbulkart centers
doubles the number of istanbulkart centers

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has taken a series of measures to reduce the intensity of the card centers in Istanbul. The number of application centers will double by the end of October.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is opening new centers to reduce the density of Istanbulkart centers where Istanbul residents apply for discounted and free public transportation. In the first stage, between 23-28 September, Esenler, Eyüp, Çekmeköy, Büyükçekmece, Beylikdüzü, Ümraniye Haldun Alagaş White Table points will start to serve as İstanbulkart Center. Application centers will be moved from 23 to 42 by the end of October. In this process, the number of centers will be increased to 50 in case of a demand-based need.

IMM, not only content with the measure of increasing the number of centers, Istanbulkart application centers until the intensity of the working hours 17: 30'den 19: 00'a extended.

Increasing Demand for Istanbulkart

The increase in the demand for new card issuance is one of the reasons for the density in the centers after the decision to reduce the subscription fee from 85 TL to 40 TL for students. Another reason is the eleme visa ”procedure for the students who cannot attend the university to use a discounted card for another year.
Attention to Application Hours

Taking these two reasons into consideration, IMM provided the following suggestions to card users. In order to provide quality service in Istanbulkart Centers, shifts start at 08.30. It is observed that the reference centers are more crowded in the afternoon between 13.00-19.00 hours. In order to prevent the density, it is recommended to apply to the centers between 08.30-13.00 hours. In addition, applications can be Application of card users in this way will save both time and effort for themselves.

One important warning is about the cards themselves. The discount on the subscription price does not require a new card. Students can benefit from the discount with their existing cards. This process eliminates the reason for going to Istanbulkart centers. Students can make 40 TL subscription filling operations at filling points throughout the city.


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