Akçaray's New Tourniquet to Yahya Kaptan Station

new turnstile to captain station of akcarayin yahya
new turnstile to captain station of akcarayin yahya

TransportationPark, a subsidiary of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, opened an additional turnstile on the station upon the demands of Akçaray's Yahya Kaptan station entrance and exits. Turnstile was opened to enable citizens to enter and exit the station more easily. The opened turnstile shopping center facilitated the entry and exit of the passengers to the school side and the use of passengers to the school district.


Evaluating the incoming demands, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality continues to work with a service-oriented approach. With the new turnstile that students frequently prefer, both the station will relax and there will be no intensity at the entrances and exits. Transportation to the school district and the shopping center area to minimize the intensity in this way TransportationPark, said they received positive reactions by citizens.

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