Driverless Metro Period at Hacıosman Yenikapı Line

Driverless Metro and Signaling Systems
driverless subway and signaling systems

Driverless Metro Period in Hacıosman Yenikapı Line: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş has lowered the first of the 68 wagons to be used in the Hacıosman-Yenikapı metro line at rush hour. In his speech at the commissioning ceremony, Topbaş said that 42 percent of the new wagons is domestic production. The commissioning ceremony of the wagons that can be used as ve Driverless and Fully Automatic Driverless X produced with 42 domestic contribution was held at Seyrantepe Metro Station.

At the commissioning ceremony, as well as the President Topbaş, the representatives of the Adapazarı Hyundai Eurotem Railway Vehicles Factory, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality bureaucrats and press members and the workers working in the subway line participated.

Speaking at the ceremony of wagons, Mayor Topbaş said, baş Today we are witnessing a historic day here. We are here to include 68 units of our wagons that will run without driver. Sür

Civilization Measure of the City

Emphasizing that the civilization measure of a city depends on the usage rate of public transportation in that city, Mayor Topbaş said, “The more people can use public transportation, the more civilized this city is. We tried to achieve this in Istanbul. Quality, clean, safe and fast comfort is back for people to use public transportation, to choose. We have designed wheeled, rail and sea transportation systems accordingly in the transportation systems we have foreseen in our transportation master plans in Istanbul ”.

Mayor Topbaş stated that they wanted people to reach metro stations within half an hour walking distance in Istanbul according to their plans and said that the transportation network they had for Istanbul was one thousand kilometers. Mayor Topbaş continued his speech as follows: “We live in a rapidly developing city. I have a team that closely follows all the technologies. I thank my colleagues. They closely follow all the technological developments in the world and try to be pioneers. I would like to express that we are a municipality that uses technological developments the best. It opened new doors for us with the breakthrough initiated by local President with the vision of our President. We are trying to serve this heralded and entrusted city with the same understanding through those doors. Every investment in Istanbul, each service is a model for Turkey. In other countries, not only for Turkey, modeled for us in other cities. "

Mayor Topbaş said that the companies doing business in Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality can get more comfortable jobs in the world and it is a great reference source for doing business in Istanbul.

13 98 55 said they had invested a billion dollars in Istanbul during the year since their inauguration. Mayor Topbaş continued his words: ım The municipality, which could not pay even before the President of Turkey, became a municipality that invested 98 billion. On the other hand, there is no other city in the world that makes this Metro. We don't owe any money to government or financial institutions. E

"Everywhere Metro, Everywhere Metro" with the goal of working with their own engineers to create metro networks emphasizing the Mayor Topbas, whether the subway buses, whether they give priority to domestic productions, he said. Stressing that they have made some changes in the tender conditions, Mayor Topbaş said: imiz In all our purchases, we wanted to include some elements in the tender conditions beyond the technological developments in the world we closely followed. Wagoners, bus producers, our prerequisites to apply a successful production by applying the conditions emerged. They developed their technologies and successful productions emerged. That is not only the supply of the wagon we supply, whether in the purchase of buses, whether in other systems, we wanted advanced technologies. This led to production companies. And we wanted this production to be domestic production as much as possible. Ve

450 Thousand Passengers

President Kadir Topbaş 2017 By December, he stated that the wagon delivery will be completed and 160 wagon will be in operation in the system. Fire tests were performed in each of the vehicles completely. I tell you that you have the most advanced automation and the arrival indicators will show you how many minutes there will be. This system in Istanbul in order to use the time well, especially in rail systems, metros and public transport systems we care about it abil he said.

Electricity will be produced when braking

Mayor Topbaş also mentioned the technological features of the new wagons. Therefore, vibration and sound have also been minimized Bundan.

Latest Metros

Mayor Topbaş stated that he was delayed as a country in the construction of the subway networks and that the new metro networks were created and that they used the most advanced technology in the metro lines. He continued: olarak We were delayed in the construction of the metro in the world. But another thing is that all the subway systems are made with very new technology. We currently have this technology in our technology in New York, Tokyo, London, Berlin. The technologies we use here and the wagon qualities are better. Because they did it a hundred - one hundred and fifty years ago, and those systems got old. We call the most modern ones worthy of this city, because we do this technology today, not technology at the time. Ler

42 Percent Domestic Production

Mr. Topbaş emphasized that one of the most important issues that are important for the production of wagons is the domestic production and he gave the following information on the costs of the wagons: Thus, this metro system will work much more mechanically and systematically from Hacıosman to Yenikapı and to Seyrantepe. Böylece

Cause of Delays

Mayor Topbaş stated that there were delays in the commissioning periods of some metro lines and that this was normal. Human delays do not experience these delays. Uskudar

- This is the reason for the delay in the Ümraniye metro line. ”

After the speech of Mayor Topbas, the first one of the wagons to be lowered to the rails was reduced by the instructions given to the crane operator.

After the commissioning ceremony of the new wagons, Mayor Topbaş with the attendants and the officers working on the subway line by making sahur. sohbet He.

All the features of the wagons that Kadir Topbaş mentioned about the features are as follows:

- The vehicles have a state-of-the-art fully automatic driverless (without driver's cabin) operating system.
- There will be intermediate passageways in the width of 140 cm which allows the transition between the vehicles and thus homogeneous distribution of passengers in a train consisting of 4 vehicles will be possible.
Train sets with 4 can be connected to each other automatically and will form a train set with 8 vehicles.
- Fire detection alarm system available.
-All vehicles will be air conditioned.
- There are digital arrival indicators in front of the vehicle.
-The LCD will have active route maps (LRM) on each passenger door. The vehicle will be shown on the road map, traversed, and arriving stations. In addition, this road map will show the transfer points to other transport systems.
- High resolution total 12 LED video screens in each vehicle - informational videos, advertising, news, promotion etc. visual videos can be published.
-Energy is restored when trains brake kazanIt will be directed to the traction energy of other trains.
- There will be vibration and sound insulation for a comfortable journey.
- Active communication between the operators and the control center will be possible.
- CCTV (Closed Circuit Television System) camera system will be installed in the vehicles.

Istanbul Metro lines that will operate until 2019

  • Beylikdüzü TÜYAP - Bahçelievler - Kirazlı Metro Rail System: 2017
  • Bakirkoy - Incirli - Bahcelievler - Kirazli Metro Rail System: 2017
  • Halkalı - Olympic Stadium - Kayabaşı - Kayaşehir - 3. Airport Metro Rail System: 2019
  • Başakşehir - Kayaşehir - Kayabaşı Metro Rail System: 2018
  • Beşiktaş - Kabataş Metro Rail System: 2019
  • Besiktas - Mecidiyekoy Metro Rail System: 2019
  • First Levent - Hisarüstü Metro: 2015
  • Mecidiyekoy - Mahmutbey Metro: 2017
  • Incirli - Yenikapi Subway: 2018
  • Edirnekapı - Unkapanı Metro: 2018
  • Göztepe Bağdat Street - Göztepe E5 - Ataşehir - Ümraniye Metro: 2018
  • Üsküdar - Taksim - Haliç - Çekmeköy metro: 2015
  • Çekmeköy - Sancaktepe - Sultanbeyli - Sabiha Migration Airport Metro: 2018
  • Bostancı - Kozyatağı - Kayışdağı - İmes - Dudullu Metro: 2019
  • Kartal - Pendik Metro: 2015
  • Pendik - Tuzla Metro: 2019
  • Kartal Beach - Pendik E5 - Sabiha Gökçen Airport Subway: 2017

Within the scope of the new metro projects, Otogar - Kirazlı - Bağcılar - Başakşehir Metro was opened in June. Taksim - Golden Horn - Yenikapı Metro will be in service this year. In addition, under the Marmaray Yenikapı - Sirkeci - Üsküdar tunnel passage is opened this year.

Interactive Istanbul Metro Map

Istanbul Metro / Tram Projects Under Construction

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