Local Istanbul Demands for Kanal Istanbul Project

Channel Istanbul
Channel Istanbul

Turkey closely followed by tender date and description of the Canal Istanbul project expect the new suitor appeared. Will the Canal Istanbul tender be held in 2019, what are the latest developments, how will the zoning problem be solved?

emlakxnumxAccording to the news in; “Especially for the Kanal Istanbul project, which is closely followed by the people who own the real estate on the Canal Istanbul route, a new aspire has emerged.

E-Berk company, which produces tunnel and ground technologies, announced that they aspire to Kanal Istanbul project.

Local Istanbul Demands for Kanal Istanbul Project

A new suitor has emerged for the Kanal Istanbul project, which is the subject of a new competition between America and China.

E Berk, the first national suitor in the project, announced that they aspire to the Kanal Istanbul project.

While the announcement on behalf of the company was made by Özgür Savaş Özüdoğru, the Chairman of the Board of E-Berk, the company officially announced that they aspire to the project.

The company, which produced a tunnel boring machine, recently announced that it will hold an opening ceremony for the Ground Balance Pressure Tunnel Boring Machine.

The firm, which developed the national Ground Balance Pressure Tunneling Machine, which was produced entirely by Turkish engineers, technicians and workers, demanded the use of these devices for the Kanal Istanbul project.

Özüdoğru stated that they will organize a ceremony for the third tunnel boring machine that they will take down from the production line with the statement they have made and demanded the use of domestic production devices for Kanal İstanbul and the Bosphorus passage by saying “We have a tunnel boring machine technology with a diameter of 15 meters, we want to play a role in Kanal Istanbul and under the Bosphorus.” .


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