Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Flash 'Kanal Istanbul'

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan by publicly disclosed 100 Daily Fulfillment Program in stating that they accelerate efforts for Turkey's pride projects, "the most important items of the program with Turkey and Western Europe-Far East region an important transfer center The work at Istanbul New Airport continues to full capacity on the basis of 7 / 24. The first phase of our airport, 29 will be put into service in October. Havalim

General Directorate of Turkey's prestige project and Highways to channel the completion of the study project work in Istanbul and Exiting the announced tender for construction of Highways (KGM) and the Infrastructure Investment Directorate-General (AYGM) studies emphasized that continued at full speed Turhan, after the completion of work in 3 months tender announcement is planned to be announced.

Turhan, değerlendir Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure of the 100 Daily Executive Program “evaluated the evaluation.
President announced to the public by Erdogan and expressed as the most important ingredient of the program Istanbul New Airport Turhan reminiscent of the first phase 29 will enter service in October, Turkey's project, has announced it will make an important transfer hub in Western Europe-Far East.

Turhan, the 10,2 billion euros in the giant project, including investment and 22,2 billion euros including VAT, indicating that the point of the airport, 3 thousand 500 aircraft will take off-and-take-off day.

73 billion pounds will contribute to the economy 225 thousand people will be employed at the airport striking attention Turhan, all the stages of the new airport passenger capacity can be up to 200 million, he said.

Turhan, who has been promoted as a Tur crazy project Yak at the 2011 by President Erdoğan and who is among the foremost projects of the 100 Daily Execution Program, stated that the works were speeding up for the realization of the Kanal İstanbul Project as soon as possible. He explained that the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea would be connected.

Turhan, about the 45 kilometer Channel Istanbul Project, will affect the economic, social, urban structure of the region, stating that the channel's route under the project and consultancy services, the Küçükçekmece-Sazlıdere-Durusu corridor is determined as the said.

The project, about 5 years of the construction phase, the minimum useful life of the Turhan pointing planned to be the year 100, "for among the most important projects of the Program of Turkey's prestige project for the completion of the Canal Istanbul survey project work and Exiting the announced tender for construction of both KGM both AYGM 's work continues in full swing.

Geographical, geotechnical, hydrogeological and ecological studies, as well as navigation and in-house traffic simulation applications, the project's EIA process, construction and operation of the preparation of financial model expressing that the continuation of the work after the completion of the 3 monthly period in the completion of the project work on the completion of the survey in Istanbul and the tender stressed that an attempt to be announced.

Turhan recalled that the 3 Multi-Storeyed Istanbul Tunnel Project, known as the sağlan mega project getir in the public sector, was the first in the world.

9 will integrate the different rail system line, and the project is completed by the transfer of 6,5 million people per day transferring the project is planned to transfer Turhan, the project is ongoing work, a build-operate-transfer (BOT) model will be announced by the tender said.

38 will be integrated into the e-Government with 100 more than 135 number of users per annum. Turhan stated that 3 will be integrated into 500.

Turhan, 5 thousand 328 more than the 120 mileage will be made in order to increase traffic safety and provide economic benefit, 2 kilometers to the new highway, the network will be transferred to 777 thousand XNUMX kilometers, he said.

Turhan pointed out that efforts are underway to launch the 246 highway project for a total of 2 kilometers, and said, sür We are carrying out the tender of the Aydın-Denizli and Mersin-Taşucu motorways. Toplam
Turhan, the program within the framework of the 893 hot bitumen bitumen hot mixture coating to increase the safety and comfort of the highway, 30 mile highway tunnel 21 mile length bridge and viaduct will be completed.

Underlining that the 120 kilometer line will be completed in Ankara-Sivas High Speed ​​Railway, Turhan is at a distance of 230 kilometers. Halkalı-Kapıkule Express Railway construction tender, the high-speed train will be brought together with Europe, he added.

Turhan stated that 990G mobile coverage will be provided at 4,5 settlement in the scope of ti Universal Service ına and that domestic and national 5G and beyond works will be started.

Turhan, Van Lake, built for the Idris-i Bitlisi ferry will start the reminiscent of the Turhan, Mersin and Konya 2 596 thousand tons of 2 logistics center will be activated in a thousand tons, he said.
Minister Turhan, Tokat Airport terminal building construction, Konya, Izmir, Istanbul, Ankara and Kayseri in total 73 mile city rail system line construction, including the purchase of 248 vehicles, including other projects within the scope of the program will do the intensive work for the construction. .

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