İlker Başbuğ: Thrace Divided In Two If The Channel Is Istanbul

ilker basbug channel is divided into two if thrace
ilker basbug channel is divided into two if thrace

The 26th Chief of General Staff, General İlker Başbuğ, said in his evaluation regarding the Kanal İstanul project, 'If Kanal Istanbul is Istanbul, Thrace is divided into two'.

26th Chief of General Staff Gen. Ilker Basbug, Haberturk TV on the controversial Channel Istanbul project made evaluations. Başbuğ, Channel Thrace will be divided into two if Istanbul, he said.

İlker Başbuğ said:


* How does he risk Montreux? The last two items of Montreux are articles 28 and 29. Article 28 concerning the complete elimination and stopping of Montreux. Article 29 on the replacement of certain substances. There is a rule in international law, changes in circumstances.

* When you create Kanal Istanbul, you create a change in conditions. A separate structure outside Montreux. In the event of changes in the terms, the parties have the right to terminate this agreement or to stop the implementation. They will apply to the relevant places. They will say, 'Channel Istanbul has changed the conditions'. Then let's move to Montreux, maybe a new system. Then let's have a new conference. It could make it worse. There is a significant change in circumstances.


* An attack would be to Turkey. I have to think of it as a statesman. I need to prepare scenarios for that. Where will I defend Thrace if there is an attack? I will defend as far as possible.

* Thrace is divided into two if the channel is Istanbul. This has negative effects on the troops that will defend Thrace in the future. Logistic flows coming from Anatolia or from the east of the Channel. Reinforcements. If necessary, you will bring the unity in Ankara to Thrace. Where will we pass in Thrace? Are they sensitive to enemy shots and destruction? The enemy will first destroy them and try to block your logistics flow. We will defend Thrace from the very beginning. You are dividing Channel Istanbul and Thrace. You prevent the movements from behind. That's not right.


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