Bike on the empty streets in Ankara

cycling on the empty streets of ankara
cycling on the empty streets of ankara

Ankara left one of the most active weeks behind.

Turkey as well as in the whole world simultaneously celebrated "European Mobility Week" was celebrated with intense participation of citizens in Ankara.


Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and the Delegation of the European Union, organized in cooperation with the capital, which is the scene of a multitude of events from the surrounding cities also participated in a large number of citizens.

Mansur Yavaş, the Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, who started the opening of the Ankara Great Ankara Bicycle Tour ü, walked with the citizens.

Tunali Hilmi Street and Aksaabat Street (7. Street) was closed to vehicle traffic, while the capital city, even though one day, plenty of pedestrian rides on the pedestrian rides, made a walk.


The European Mobility Week, which became more colorful with the performances of FOMGET Folk Dance and Modern Dance groups, ended with the concert of Haluk Levent, Nur Yoldaş and Kent Orchestra.

Hacivat and Karagöz games for children staged activities as much as citizens, politicians, artists and national athletes showed great interest.

Minister of Youth and Sports participated in the march on Aşkaabat Street. Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu, “Sport means to be together, health means. Indeed, it is possible to think on foot and chat. Sanatçı The artist Haluk Levent said, “I was very happy with a beautiful event. We hope that the Metropolitan Municipality will do much more work on these issues that we will, ”he said.

World Champion Weightlifter Halil Mutlu said that he participated in the event in order to encourage sport, gençler Our goal is to make our youth and citizens love the sport and to tell the importance of sport ”.

Stating that sport is a unifying aspect, Vedat and Çiğdem Yumşak couple said, mamış We did not run in the city. This is the first time we've been running in the heart of the Red Crescent. We would like to thank our Metropolitan Mayor for this beautiful organization. We also expect our President to organize a marathon to announce the name of Ankara ”

Sertaç Kantarcı said, “I would like to thank Mayor Yavaş for saving us from the understanding that obliges us to closed areas and shopping centers especially on such holidays for years tatil and another citizen named Mert Anıl Albayrak,

Orum I think it's a step, even once a year. We hope that this kind of activities will increase. ”


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