Response from TMMOB and BTS to the Lease of TCDD Guest House

tmmob and btsden tcdd guesthouse rental response
tmmob and btsden tcdd guesthouse rental response

Rector of Medipol University Prof. Ahmet Zeki Şengil's statement regarding the Ankara Station and the allocations, tahsis Allocated for rent rather than grant değil was answered.

In a statement made by Hasan Bektaş, President of the United Transport Union; Ince When the public reacts, they say rent, not grant. This is a place that served in the years when the Republic was founded, they want to erase our memory and Ankara Station. We're talking about rented spaces for the 29 year. You can never erase the Republican memory by transferring or renting it. We don't allow that. The people of Ankara should protect it here. Our children will ask us account in the future.

Lawsuits filed with the Chamber of Architects Ankara Branch continue. We urge everyone to intervene in these lawsuits. Ankara Gar Campus is not transferable to Medipol. Ankara is the capital of this country and a captivating capital. Their transportation needs are also increasing. From now on, 30- 50 will not meet the needs of the growing Ankara after two years. If you build buildings on an area of ​​approximately 50 thousand square meters, you will not find an area that will meet the increasing needs of Ankara and meet the passengers' needs tomorrow. The Ankara Gar campus will remain as the train station in its original form and we will continue to expand its struggle with the Capital Solidarity and other organizations. Ankara Station cannot be rented to a private university and privatized. Once again, please take your hand off the witnesses of the Republic. ”It was said.

Tezcan Karakuş Candan, President of the Ankara Branch of the Chamber of Architects who made a statement on the subject; Asına Not every legally legitimate statement to Medipol University that the allocation is legal. The spatial memory of the founding and founding will of our country, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the Ankara Gar Campus, a witness of the Republic, is public and belongs to the people. It cannot be a place where the money goes, it cannot be turned into an instrument of commercial activity.

Candan continued: “The gate of the Republic to Ankara opens to the Ankara Gar Campus, Cumhuriyet Square and is the main determinant of the axis extending to Ulus. When Atatürk came to Ankara, a new spatial search with the Republic in the occupied station area symbolizes the independence and libertarian side of the regime. The railway station is unique in this respect, it has memorial value, historical value, symbolic value. It was privatized by removing a page from the urban settlement where the history of the Republic was written spatially. We cannot accept this. Ankara station is a custody of us, it belongs to us. ”

Candan stated that the allocation or leasing of a part of the TCDD campus is based on two years ago. Ne The protocol for the dismantling and transfer of a part of TCDD Train Station was signed on 13.03.2018. 6 was suspended on July 2018 while the plan change. These dates do not go back to the 2 year, which Medipol expresses. Then let Medipol explain this. Where did this request have been discussed two years ago? A celebration and plan change was delivered to the address. The process of de-publicization of public goods was discussed where and in what environments. Explain your rental protocol, did you do it two years ago? Protocol, 6 on August 2018 Medipol was asked through the public when asked why did not explain the 1 year after the announcement did you feel the need. Where else was allocated to Medipol or the foundations you are associated with. Is it true that you want Ankara Station and TCDD Head Office Building to be allocated to Medipol? Is it true that you requested at the historic Numune Hospital? Do you have any reason to explain your requests for AOÇ, TCDD Train Station and other allocation regarding each of the values ​​of the Republic? Is the process of closing and moving the hospitals in the city center to the allocation of the historical buildings and hospitals in the center to you? Explain all of these questions and where they were allocated to Medipol University where you will make an explanation. The values, spatiality and the reproduction of the Republic, and our memory is not rented, but belongs to the public ”.

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