Seger Meets Automotive Exporters in Colombia and Peru

seger met with colombia and peru automotive exporters
seger met with colombia and peru automotive exporters

Horn design, production and sales in Turkey leader in the sugar, Uludag Automotive Industry Exporters' Association hosted, Colombia and Peru on 30 June - 8 held between July and joined the automotive sector trade mission effectiveness. Within the scope of the event, Seger came together with its distributors in Peru and Colombia, which it has been exporting since 2006, exchanged ideas to gain even more power in the market, and also introduced new products.

Seger, one of the biggest horn manufacturers in Europe and exporting the horns produced in Bursa to all over the world, came together with its South American distributors in line with its export targets. Seger participated in the automotive industry trade delegation event organized by Uludağ Automotive Industry Exporters Association (OIB) in Colombia and Peru between 30 June and 8 July, and had the opportunity to introduce its new product range by coming together with its distributors in Peru and Colombia.

Stating that they had bilateral business meetings with distributors in Colombia and Peru within the scope of the event, Seger Sales and Marketing Manager Cüneyt Coşkun said, kapsamında We met with Colombian and Peruvian distributors within the scope of automotive sectoral trade delegation event and explained our new product range. We also talked about what we can do to gain even more power in these markets. The South American market is very valuable to Seger. For this reason, we have been operating through our distributors and exporting to countries such as Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela since 2006. The fact that Peru is a net importer in the main and supply industry and Colombia in the supply industry is an important opportunity for both us and other Turkish companies. Colombia also imposes relatively low customs duties on imports. In this context, I am very happy if we can contribute to the trade delegation trip through Turkey's exports increased even more. "he said.

In addition to the domestic market, Seger also has a strong presence in Japan, Palestine, Russia, the Republic of South Africa, Poland, Germany, Jordan, Romania and South America. Up to 70 exports horns to the country. Seger adds new markets to its portfolio every year with its special productions and makes special productions in the global market according to the countries' own cultures, living conditions and lifestyles as well as the wishes of vehicle brands.



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