Mechanical solution to the parking problem in Antalya

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality is implementing the first mechanical storey car park in Antalya. Plaza 2000 building is located in the municipality belonging to the 188 vehicle capacity mechanical storey car park in the vicinity of Kaleiçi and Atatürk Avenue will meet the need for parking.

The metropolitan municipality solves the parking problem around Kaleiçi and Atatürk Street, where the historical texture of Antalya is located, with the mechanical storey car park project. Haşim İşcan District Plaza The area belonging to the municipality, which previously served as an open car park, is being renovated by ANET and transformed into a modern mechanical storey car park where 2000 vehicle can park. The mechanical storey car park, which makes it easier to find a suitable parking space with its working technique and which saves time and fuel, will start to serve at the end of the month.

The mechanical storey car park consists of a two-storey lift and a four-storey mechanical system. The two-storey system will generally be preferred for vehicles that will be left short-term. The four-storey system will be used for long-term parks. In this way, 2 or 4 vehicles can be parked vertically on the area covered by a single vehicle in the open car park. In the parking lot where vehicle safety is kept in the forefront, lifting platforms operating with hydraulic drive system are used. The project will cost about 2.5 million pounds.

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