East Express Photo Contest Moves to International Level

east express photo contest moving to the international level
east express photo contest moving to the international level

Organized for the second time under the auspices of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, “Türk Telekom 'TAM O' AN 'National Photography Competition Award Ceremony and Exhibition”, with the participation of Minister of Transport and Infrastructure M.Cahit Turhan, on Friday, July 05, 2019, within the body of Ankara YHT Station. It was held at the hotel.

MINISTER TURHAN: A Photo Frame Sometimes Tells Much

Transportation Speaking at the ceremony and Infrastructure Minister M. Cahit Turhan, railways years have been neglected, the whole world railways extending that in Turkey, held yearly 1950 kilometers of railways after 18, Recalling since 2003. Our government per year, he said 135 kilometers of railways made.

Turhan said that they overhauled the rails without a single nail, High Speed ​​Train and Marmaray made people smile, and finally the train lines reached comfortable transportation.

Minister Turhan emphasized that Eastern Express is on its way to reveal the beauties of the country. At one time, this number had dropped to 436 thousand a year. Van Lake Express also hosted 755 thousand passengers last year. I want to give a good news here. The Ankara Express, known as the legendary train, is starting its flights as of today. From Ankara and Halkalıwill move every day at 22.00. I wish it to be auspicious auspicious already. ”

“Taking the Photography Contest to the International Level Düz

Minister Turhan stated that they see the photographers of the Eastern Express as voluntary advertising ambassadors and said, “A photo frame sometimes says that thousands of pages cannot be written. 'Tam O Moment' photography contest continues this mission successfully. We are taking this contest to the international level next year and expanding its scope. They will come to our country from all over the world to take pictures on this line and participate in the contest. This route will be more known all over the world. ”

ÇAĞLAR: "Thanks to Benevolence and Thanksgiving for the Railway Workers, I would like to thank the devoted Railroaders"

In his speech at the ceremony, İsmail Çağlar, Deputy General Manager of TCDD, expressed his joy and happiness that this exceptional event is being held at Ankara YHT Station which symbolizes the new vision and modern face of TCDD in the best way. He stated that the doğu one inch more shimmendifer ”password, especially in our eastern regions, continued in the early years of the Republic.

Çağlar said that most of the Ankara-Kars railway line eroded by the steel wheels of the Eastern Express, which has been in service for more than half a century, was also built during this period. started from. Kayseri in 1925, Sivas in 1927, Erzincan in 1930 and Erzurum in 1938 have been reached. ”

Noting that the meeting of Kars with the national railway line coming to Erzurum was in 1961, Çağlar said, ında With the gratitude and gratitude, railroad workers who built endless rails, built bridges and tunnels and station buildings that could stand even in earthquakes with gratitude and gratitude. I know I owe. borç

Caglar, High-speed and fast rail construction, as well as the existing lines were renewed, noting that 1.213 km YHT and 11.590 km conventional rail network of the total length of the total length of the 12.803 km rail corridors were renewed.

İsmail Çağlar, Deputy General Manager of TCDD, underlined that renewing the line on which the East Express is operated and providing comfortable travel services to passengers, said: Thank you in your presence.

From the moon-star train window of the East Express, I would like to congratulate our artists who participated in the competition by reflecting the unique beauties of the Anatolian geography in each season to the photo frames and present my respects. ”

TCDD Transportation Co. General Manager Erol Arıkan stated that they have succeeded in attracting the attention of the public and young people on the railway and said, orum I would like to thank everyone who worked for this competition aiming to reveal all the beauties of our country with the impressive power of the art of photography. ”

After the speeches, the awards were given to the photographers who were ranked in the competition.

After the award ceremony, the photo exhibition was opened by the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure M.Cahit Turhan.

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