TCDD's Camp in Urla was given to Izmir Institute of Technology

TCDD Izmir Urla Camp
TCDD Izmir Urla Camp

TCDD's Camp in Urla was given to İzmir Institute of Technology: Urla camp, which RAILWAY workers have been using for years, was taken away from Izmir and given to İzmir Institute of Technology (İYTE). The application, which was signed under the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications and TCDD General Directorate, attracted the reaction of the railway workers.

. Minister Binali Yıldırım gave TCDD Camp located in Çeşmealtı to students of İzmir Institute of Technology (İYTE) for domestic purposes. Minister Yıldırım, 'Çeşmedağı'nda Railways camp is given to the Izmit students. The 50 campers have been camping for years, now they work day and night. They don't have time to camp. Good luck to get lucky 'he said.

Commenting on the subject, Bülent Çuhadar, the Head of the Izmir Branch of the United Transport Association (BES), said, lardır The railway workers learned that they had been taken away from the hands of the Urla Camp they had been using for years. However, it was revealed that the Foreign Minister and the TCDD General Manager were foreign to TCDD employees and to the functioning of the institution. Ancak


Underlining that TCDD employees have not started the tehlik working day by night N now, Çuhadar said, “The 150 is working for more than a year, night and day, and endangering their lives. The fact that our country underestimated the railway operation, which is the business branch where the workers lost their lives and lost their lives after the underground mine work, has hurt the railwaymen the least. In these difficult working conditions, due to the economic conditions of the holiday tourists 10 days (not free, not for free this year, the diary for this year, 35 TL) holiday has been seen as very luxurious. Bu
Çuhadar said that these camps were used not only for the personnel to make a holiday but also for in-service training and seminars. De Dear Minister, 'I went to Urla Camp I have gone to IZTECH!' the front of the trainings are closed.

Çuhadar, the process without taking the idea of ​​those who use the process and the "Verdim, gone!" Understanding of the employees to be reviewed and the employees said they wished not to be victimized.

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