Daddrally in the Black Sea Army

daddrally army in the black sea
daddrally army in the black sea

12 yacht anchored from the Greek Port of Volos a month ago in order to open the Black Sea to world sailing tourism and keep the ancient Argonaut Legend alive, reached the town of Ordu, one of the important stops of the Argonaut Legend.

We 2017 amateur at sea in Turkey was founded in order to contribute to the development of maritime Amateur Seaman's Association (DADD) Daddrall organized by the Black Sea, it continues at full speed. 9 The yachts departing in June, including the 3 German, 2 Dutch and 1 French crew, will stop by the 42 port and after a day's adventure in the Black Sea waters, 75 will reach the destination of Georgia where the argonauts of the legend have reached the goal of Altınpost.

Adem Atik, Deputy Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, stated that they are happy to host 12 yacht in Ordu and will show all kinds of hospitality and said, çoğu Most of the provinces on the Black Sea have a distant attitude towards the sea. One of them is the Army. Although the coast of the Black Sea, the sea could not be used as much as necessary. As Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, we organize and support such social activities in order to eliminate this situation and to make the sea popular to the local people. ”

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