Murat 124 Lovers Meet in Bilecik

murat sevdalilari meets in bilecik
murat sevdalilari meets in bilecik

Murat 124 lovers meet in Bilecik at the event to be held in the organization of Bilecik Municipality.
Bilecik Municipality, which has hosted many events so far, hosts Murat 124 lovers this time.
Murat 1971 cars, which started production in 124 and are in the class of classic cars, will come together with Bilecik Municipality.

200 about cars coming from different cities of Turkey, Murat 124 Sevdalısı group of Bilecik Municipality and the contribution of 13-14-15 Chicken Legend Bilecik Municipality will Pelitözü camp Gölpark home in July.
Later, Murat124 lovers, who will make a city tour with convoy, will introduce the beauties and values ​​of Bilecik to our country during 3 day.

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