Minister Turhan: 'We are at the Position of Global Logistics Base'

minister turhan global will logistics us
minister turhan global will logistics us

Transport and Infrastructure Minister M. Cahit Turhan said, “We are in the first place in shipyard service in Europe today. This is a happy and honorable situation. As a natural consequence of all this, we have achieved a ship industry that can compete with the world and an effective maritime industry. ” said.

In his speech at the Assembly Meeting of the Kocaeli Chamber of Industry, Minister Turhan said that he was delighted to be in the "heart of industry and trade" and "the production center of the country" in Kocaeli.

Turhan in Turkey, as everyone is aware, the area and pointing out that transition from a period of very important developments in the world, the strategists of the world, he said commenting on the point where the deepest crisis since the second world war.

Turhan pointed out that some people described all of this as a different world war and continued as follows:

“If it is left to some thinkers, before the political and economic crisis, the humanitarian crisis is going on and this crisis triggers almost everything in a negative way. I explain them for this; whether we are dealing with politics, we are industrialists, we are producing services or we are someone who lives at home. By ignoring these events, we cannot do any work healthy. For example, glaciers are melting day by day, 'What about me?' I can not say. In our nearby geography, blood takes the body, 'What is it to me?' I can not say. There are countries that want to determine the rules of trade with colonial logic, 'What is it for me?' I can not say. Of course, 'What is it to me? I take care of my job, I do my production, the rest is not my concern.' may also come out. I respect this, but it remains with what it produces, two barley lengths cannot travel. However, this country needs marathon runners, not those who travel along two barley lengths. The way to do this is to read what is going on in the world, no matter what we do. ”

“We are in the position of logistics base on a global scale”

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Turhan stated that the world was reshaped politically and commercially after the end of the Second World War. “If we had preferred to produce with our own resources, with our own human resources instead of preferring to be someone's ready market, national production if we had, we tüttürs our industrial chimneys, we güçlendirs our transportation infrastructure, today would be living in a very different Turkey. " said.

Emphasizing that these are not dreams, Turhan said, “Is it a dream? Of course, it is not because we live in such a geography that we are in the position of a natural logistics center due to our location on important trade corridors at the intersection of three continents. We are a global logistics base not only between east and west, but also between north and south. Do you say sea way, land way, air way or rail? It's all possible. Could there be a greater value than this? Industrialists will know much better what all this means. Because, for an industrialist, if production is the first step for a producer, to deliver it to the market in the safest and cheapest way is the second and third step. ” used expressions.

“We have made the airline the way of the people”

Minister Turhan, they told all this throwing motion signed a historic decision on Turkey, said they started the transportation mobilization.

Touching on the projects they did during the AK Party rule, Turhan said: “What did we do? We have strengthened our country's national and international corridors by making our network of roads, the main backbone of our transportation system, much stronger with divided roads, highways, bridges, tunnels and viaducts. We have increased the physical and geometric standards in our state and provincial roads that extend to every corner of our country, we have increased the level of service and traffic safety by establishing smart and high-quality transportation systems. We have put railway transportation, which has been neglected for many years, at the center of its re-transportation policies. On the one hand, we renewed our untouched lines for decades, on the other hand, we breathed our passenger and freight transportation with new railways, urban rail system lines and high-speed train projects. In addition, we focused on logistics infrastructure studies in order to obtain more added value from rail transportation. By applying the technological and structural changes that air transportation has reached in the world in a short period of time like 16 years, we have made the airway the way of the public. Beyond liberalizing air transportation, we spread the air transportation network across the country beyond opening it to competition. We have made THY, our national airline company, a global brand preferred not only by our own people but also by the citizens of the world. With our Istanbul Airport, one of the largest air transportation centers in the world, we have increased our value and competitiveness in this field exponentially. ”

"Transportation is also easy access to prosperous Turkey"

Stating that significant investments have been made in the field of information and technology, Turhan said, “We have equipped our country with communication facilities, which are indispensable for everyday life. As a result, today all of our present study, the transportation access is also much easier than yesterday, we have gained a secure and prosperous Turkey. " said.

Reminding that he made a visit to the shipyards area in Yalova yesterday, Turhan said, “According to the information given by our shipyards there, we are in the first place in the shipyard service in Europe today. In construction, maintenance and repair. This is a very pleasing, honorable situation. As a natural consequence of all this, we have achieved a ship industry that can compete with the world and an effective maritime industry. ” found the assessment.

Minister Turhan, the meaning and importance of the seas within the political boundaries is not only consists of, these places carry great value in the geo-economic, he said.

“Kocaeli's share in the industry is 51 percent ″

Minister Turhan stated that Kocaeli, which is located on the transition corridor between Europe and the Middle East, has a great advantage with its proximity to Istanbul, 13% of the city's production contribution to the Turkish manufacturing industry after Istanbul reveals this situation. told.

Turhan, Kocaeli, that a significant share of economic activity, such as 51 percent of industry attention, "is met for about 36 percent of vehicle production Kocaeli, Turkey. The city, Turkey has 27 percent share in the chemical industry. Turkey meets 19 percent of the metal industry in Kocaeli. These are proud figures. It also has the potential to continue its development and maintain its importance, thanks to the serious advantages it provides in land, sea and rail transport. Because the variety of transportation facilities and its proximity to 3 international airports makes Kocaeli very attractive. ” he spoke.

Pointing to the proximity of Cengiz Topel Airport to the airports in Istanbul, Turhan said that the Gulf of Izmit is a natural port and it provides access to the innermost point of Anatolia in terms of sea transportation, and that Kocaeli has a busy seaway and the importance of its ports He expressed that he increased.

“Foreign capital enterprises prefer Kocaeli the most after Istanbul”

Turhan, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, said that the increasing industrial production and world trade in our age have given a great impetus to the maritime sector. kazannagging and kazanEmphasizing that he continues to rise, he continued as follows:

“For this reason, foreign capital and large-scale enterprises prefer Kocaeli the most after Istanbul. 10 percent of the industrial companies operating in Kocaeli are international companies. Another factor that makes Kocaeli valuable for industrialists is that it is in a position where combined transportation is best applied. As the Ministry, we continue to uncover this potential of Kocaeli with the trade and container ports, logistics village studies and fast and conventional railway investments. We have invested over 12 billion 145 million liras for the transportation and access services of Kocaeli. When we include the investments made within the scope of BOT (build-operate-transfer), this number increases to 25 billion 280 million. With these investments, we have integrated Kocaeli into the world in terms of transportation and transformed it into an international trade center. ”

Turhan said that once there was a 2-hour journey to come from Istanbul to Kocaeli, moreover, there was not such a busy day, “What did we do? We have connected Kocaeli to all its neighbors, especially Istanbul, in high standard split ways. We increased the length of the 80 kilometers divided road in 150 years to 281 kilometers. We covered 485 kilometers of road with hot asphalt. We have put into service an important part of the Istanbul-Izmir Highway Project that will connect Kocaeli to Izmir. Osmangazi Bridge has started to attract a significant portion of the transit traffic in the Gulf since its opening. When the highway is completed, our 18 provinces will be linked together as commercial and industrial. Likewise, the North Marmara Motorway, which is under construction, is a very important investment for Kocaeli. This project, with a total length of 398 kilometers, has 77 kilometers of main roads, 37 kilometers of connection roads and 61 kilometers of junction branches. As we know, we opened the entire Kurtköy-Liman junction section to traffic and this service brought prosperity to Kocaeli in every respect. ” used expressions.

Turhan stated that they opened the Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Line, and they connected Istanbul, Kocaeli, Eskişehir, Konya and Ankara with YHT, so that transportation between Ankara and Kocaeli for 3 hours and Gebze, the industrial district of Kocaeli, from Izmit to 20. He noted that they reduced to -25 minutes.

"Turkey will have 2 million tons of capacity to the logistics sector"

Turhan reminded that they opened the first stage of the Köseköy Logistics Center, which will appeal to the automobile industry and its subsidiary industry, which is of great importance for import and export transportation.

“We should not forget the logistics service carried out on an area of ​​340 thousand square meters at the Köseköy Train Station. Tender preparation work continues for the construction of the remaining part. When the said logistics center is completed, we will have provided the Turkish logistics industry with a carrying capacity of 2 million tons. Logistics area of ​​694 thousand square meters for Kocaeli kazanwill be raised. In the meantime, I hope we will implement the critically important railway project for Kocaeli. It is Gebze-Sabiha Gökçen-Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge-Istanbul Airport-Halkalı Fast Railroad project. This line will constitute one of the most important links of the part of the Silk Railway route passing through our country, making up the European connection. In this context, we have completed the survey and project studies at the 118-kilometer Gebze-Sabiha Gökçen Airport-Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge-Istanbul Airport. We are planning to go out to tender within the budget possibilities. In addition, we have started project work by delivering a place at 22 km Istanbul Airport-Çatalca. 1 / 25.000 scale studies have been approved and 1 / 5.000 scale project studies are continuing. ”

Minister Turhan, explaining that they started scheduled flights by launching the Cengiz Topel Airport, which is called “not open” in the industrial city of Kocaeli, in 2011, and scheduled flights from Cengiz Topel Airport to Trabzon Airport 3 days a week and arranging flights to other provinces upon requests. He reported that his work is ongoing.

“Our ports will keep up with new technological developments”

Turhan mentioned that they made important works in the field of maritime, developed ferry and car ferry services and built many fishing shelters.

“The positive results of these investments reveal the developing economy of Kocaeli. Kocaeli's exports, which were 2002 billion 1 million dollars in 268, increased to 2018 billion 8 million dollars in 903. Its imports increased from 1 billion 124 million dollars to 13 billion 976 million. Of course, if we add the exports that are produced in Kocaeli and made by companies based in Istanbul, we know that this figure is much higher.

However, an average of 15 thousand ships visit this region annually. About 60 million tons of cargo is handled annually in the region. In this context, I think that all ports should become more modern. As the Ministry, we do our best to plan the ports in parallel with urban, industrial and commercial construction, and design the transportation networks to allow multimodal transportation. I believe that the Green Harbor Project is a great requirement for Kocaeli and Izmit Bay in this context. Modernization of all our ports in Kocaeli by fulfilling the requirements for the Green Harbor certification will both make the Gulf more livable and increase energy and work efficiency. In addition, our ports will keep up with new technological developments. ”

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Turhan added that they are ready to do whatever it takes to make Kocaeli future and better places, including legal regulations and infrastructure investment.

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