Signatures were thrown into the BTK railway between Turkey Uzbekistan Cooperation

Signed for btk railway cooperation between tcdd transportation and uzbekistan
Signed for btk railway cooperation between tcdd transportation and uzbekistan

Turkey Uzbekistan Intergovernmental Joint Economic Commission 2. The term meeting was held at the Ministry of Commerce in Ankara.

The meeting was co-chaired by Reha Denemeç, Deputy Minister of National Education and Davron Dehkanov, Deputy Minister of Transportation of Uzbekistan. .

The Joint Economy Meeting, organized under the coordination of the Ministry of Trade, was held with the participation of delegation members at the level of Deputy Ministers of both countries.

The partnership, which aims to improve the co-operation of the Turkish-Uzbek railways, to increase the relations between the two countries and the cultural flow, aims to increase the foreign trade volume on the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway line.

Within the context of this objective, meetings were held between Erol Arıkan, General Manager of TCDD Transportation and the delegations of Uzbekistan Railways.

During the meeting, General Director of TCDD Transportation Erol Arıkan stated that TCDD Transportation could deal with all kinds of cooperation with Uzbekistan Railways and said that they could act together especially on Historical Iron Silk Road.

“With this agreement, we believe that the shipments on the BTK line will increase”

Arıkan said, anlaşma The agreement we have made for the increase of transports on Baku-Tbilisi-Kars line is valid. Our transportation over Iran continues through the thin nose. In this context, as long as we have both arrival and departure loads in terms of fare and transportation, we can improve the price application. We give importance to combined transport on railways. The importance of the incoming freight as well as the importance of the going freight determines our transportation volume. With this agreement, we believe that our transportation volume will increase. ”

Or We want to keep moving to China and we care about this corridor. ”

Deputy Minister of Transport of Uzbekistan Davron Dehkanov said; "Turkey's geography will allow us to move more comfortable. With the entry into force of the Agreement, it will eliminate the problems encountered in the field of transportation. Even if there are no problems between us, we will be able to solve them directly. I know that this deal for our transports would be beneficial as it is an efficient reason. We want to continue the transport to China and this corridor is very important.

“We care very much about this platform which brings together the business world of two sister countries”

The memorandum of understanding for strengthening the co-operation between the two countries was signed in the testimony of Vice President Fuat Oktay and Uzbekistan Deputy Prime Minister Elyor Ganiyev.

Vice President Fuat Oktay stated that they will take advantage of more serious opportunities from now on. In the coming period, we will continue our close cooperation with our brothers in the Uzbekistan region. We attach great importance to the fact that this business form, which brings the business world of two sister countries together, is the platform where the two countries' business world will get to know each other more closely and establish business contacts. We are together to find new and powerful areas for our business people. I wish the agreements would be auspicious in the two countries. ”

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