Halkalı Kapikule High Speed ​​Line Will Contribute to Tekirdag Economy

ringed kapikule fast train line will contribute to the economy
ringed kapikule fast train line will contribute to the economy

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and the General Directorate of European Union External Relations ıncaHalkalı-Kapıkule Railway Line ÇerkezköyWithin the scope of K Construction of Kapıkule Section Project;; “Project Information and Promotion Meeting” was held in Tekirdağ Chamber of Commerce and Industry under the coordination of Tekirdağ Governorship in order to transfer the general information about the project and the works to be carried out in the field to the public institutions and organizations and to provide the necessary cooperation environment between the institutions.

In addition to Governor Aziz Yildirim, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, EU and Foreign Relations General Director Erdem Direkler, Mayor of Tekirdag Metropolitan Municipality Munir Karaevli, Deputy Governor Abdullah Kalkan, Head of EU Investments Department of Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, TCDD 1.Region Deputy Director Halil Korkmaz, TCDD Branch Director Abdullah Corak, District District Governor, Provincial Police Director Mustafa Aydin, Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Colonel Sahin Karakas, Environment and Urbanism Manager V. Kaan Sinan Tohumcu, OIZ Presidents and NGOs attended.

The opening speech was made by Erdem Direkler, General Director of European Union External Relations, Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure.

Speaking after Governor Lightning, "Turkey to Asia and Europe because it is a bridge connecting rail transportation is very convenient. Railway is very advantageous compared to other transportation modes in terms of both passenger and freight capacity. Railway and trains are advantageous over road and airways in freight and passenger transportation due to increasing wagons. It is advantageous as it can be reached by sea from the sea. Turkey attaches importance to its geopolitical position in terms of cost and safety advantages of rail and hence the need to rail transport.

There are some projects in the world for the development of railway transportation. One of these projects is the Iron Silk Road Project. Iron Silk Road Project; It is a global scale project that will meet the needs of transportation and logistics services in a wide geography from Central Asia, Europe and Far Asia. With Iron Silk Road Project, as in the past, Turkey; It will increase trade volume with Central Asia, Europe and Far Asia, and trade, political and cultural relations between these countries will develop more.

Halkalı-Kapıkul Fast Train Line Project, extending from London to Beijing Iron Silk Road Project is one of the important links in Turkey. This project will become global in Tekirdag in Turkey and an important center of international trade.

Halkalı-Kapıkule Railway Line ÇerkezköyUpon completion of the -Kapıkul cutting, each carried as cargo in international trade will increase load carrying capacity and Tekirdag Turkey will contribute to the economy.

With this project, our people; fast, safe, comfortable transportation will be achieved, the traffic load on our roads will be reduced. In addition, indirect connection with Tekirdağ port, Çerkezköy The transportation of loads of industrial facilities in our district and other districts is very important for the development of trade in Tekirdağ.

high standards of the European Union and the completion of the rail link project will be completed, Turkey, the European Union relations will be critical steps in the transport and trade.

If we want to move our country above the level of contemporary civilizations, if we want to reach our 2023 targets and other targets, we should give the necessary importance to the railroad, we should build our country with the railway network and benefit from the advantages of the railroad.

  1. No one should doubt that we will all show the necessary support and efforts to equip our country with the railway network, which started with Abdulhamid and continued with Gazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

The Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Cahit Turhan, the Ministry employees, General Director of State Railways Erol Arıkan and the State Railways Personnel who contributed to the realization of this project, the European Union officials who will finance a part of the High Speed ​​Line and other officials who contributed to the project. thank you. I would like to express my gratitude to our Prime Minister and Former Assembly President Mr. Binalı Yıldırım and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. I wish this project will be beneficial for our country and province. ”

Afterwards, Nedim Yeşil, Head of the European Union Investments Department of the Ministry of Transport and Abdullah Çorak, Branch Manager of TCDD, made an informative presentation.

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