İMO Suggests Transportation to Bursa City Hospital

imodan bursa city hospital transportation advice
imodan bursa city hospital transportation advice

Chamber of Civil Engineers (IMO) Bursa Branch Chairman Mehmet Albayrak, daily 40 thousand people are expected to circulate the transportation problem in the City Hospital, he noted. From the Acemler City Hospital `s provided by the ring transportation will intensify the traffic even more stressed Albayrak, 'Acemler` instead of the transfer of our suggestion of the last bus station in Bursa and Uludag University` s transfer to the station for the transfer of the ring bus. In addition, just like the Şehreküstü bus system applied to the Bursa-Bursa integrated bus system installed by the passengers from BursaRay is an extra charge for bus travel, ”he said.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of IMO Bursa Branch Mehmet Albayrak, the place, the way of operation, how to reach the number of staff on the agenda of the City Hospital made a statement about. Mayor of Bursa City Hospital, Nilufer District Doğanköy 745.365 square meters of land on a thousand 355 bed capacity was made with the President Albayrak, the construction of the beginning of the beginning of 2017 and the opening of the hospital is planned to be opened in a short time, as of the opening, Çanakkale, Balikesir, Yalova, Bilecik and Bursa to be 5,5 has a hinterland of millions. In 2030, 7 is scheduled to serve a region of millions. 355 with a total bed capacity of one thousand 3 covers different hospitals. thousand 55 bed capacity Main Hospital, 283 bed capacity General Hospital, 271 bed capacity Cardiovascular Disease Hospital, 250 bed capacity Oncology Hospital, 251 bed capacity Gynecology and Child, General and Psychiatric Hospital, 200 bed capacity Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Hospital and 100 bed capacity High Security Forensic Psychiatric Hospital will be built. ”


President Mehmet Albayrak stated that the transportation to the hospital, which is in the service phase and where daily 40 thousand people circulation is expected, is still not completed.

According to the data of Bursa Provincial Health Directorate, 11 thousand per day for outpatient clinics, 2 thousand patients per day for emergency is expected to make an application. Approximately 40 thousand people daily will become a complex health facility where information about circulation will be experienced. The distance to the city center is approximately 25 kilometers and is located on Ring Road to the hospital from the east and west of the city. The Regional Directorate started construction of a junction concurrent with the construction of the hospital and finished before the hospital. But there was not enough work for transportation. Bursa`s largest city investment ideal for planning and coordinating the other institutions in terms of reflexes shown by the Highways, timely show. The extension of the Light Rail System should have been carried out simultaneously with the construction of the hospital. Unfortunately, this did not happen.


Approaching the opening of the hospital in the first place for the solution of the problem of public transportation for citizens coming from the Acemler Junction to Bursa City Hospital, ring services were shared at short intervals. Acemler Region The region where the traffic density of our scholarship is most experienced. In addition, the stadium and the ongoing construction of the Ali Osman Sonmez State Hospital to be added to the density of the City Hospital `s added to the ring services will occur in the circulation of people and vehicles Acemler region will become even more troubled.


Our suggestion instead of transferring from Acemler BursaRay `s last stop at the University of Labor and Uludag University bus station for the transfer of the ring. In other words, instead of Acemler ring buses from the University Hospital of Labor and Uludag University `` is. In addition, just like the Şehreküstü stop, Bursaray- Bus (35 / C, 35 / B) integrated system is installed and there is no extra charge for bus travel from passengers coming from BursaRay. If there is an extra charge, people who will lose the charm of public transportation will prefer to reach the City Hospital by private car. This will lead to traffic and parking problems.

A highway route from Bursa Özlüce to Altınşehir - Ertuğrulkent, next to the BUSKİ West treatment plant is underway. It is important that this road be implemented as soon as possible. This road will make the Ring Road not the only option until the rail / rubber wheeled transportation project to be provided through Balat is realized. In the end, the transportation network will be provided by extending the labor line of BursaRay to the City Hospital.


Exports to accelerate this process on behalf of Turkey's Bursa `xnumx`nc requirement to state support which is a great city. It is inevitable that this investment in transportation should be supported by the relevant ministries and not by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality so that the City Hospital can be used as a profitable and the citizens can access the health service as soon as possible.


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