turk design world's first car ferry
34 Istanbul

Turkish Design World's First Car Ferry

During the 1800 years, transportation on both sides of the Bosphorus was carried out with simple boats with the power to move a mixture of sails and oars. During the 1840 years, the small boats of Tersane-i Amire started to provide transportation services in the Bosphorus. At 1850, the Company established Hayriyye. [more…]

turk design world's first stuffing
34 Istanbul

Turkish Design World's First Dolmuş

1929 when the economic crisis in Turkey as well as all over the world an shutters closing, she thought how he would take the bread in their homes as cabbies trades. Chef Halit, who runs a restaurant in Cağaloğlu, started to be a taxi driver as long as he became a dude with tourists. [more…]

Sleeping Fees

TCDD Sleeper Charges

TCDD Sleeping Wages: İzmir Blue Train, Central Anatolia Blue Train, East Express, South Express, Lake Van Express, Konya Blue Train and Çukurova Express Bed Bunk Prices including per passenger transport and bed prices [more…]