Bursalılar reacted to Bursaray's hike on Twitter

People of Bursa reacted to Bursaray's hike on Twitter: Public transportation company BURULAŞ in Bursa started a deposit application for tickets. With the application that confuses passengers, long line tickets will be sold for 5 lira and short line tickets for 4 lira. There was a strong reaction from Bursa citizens to the application. Citizens reacted to Bursaray's hike by sending a message on Twitter with the hashtag #BursaRayBoykot. It was decided to boycott Bursaray ...
Sardines, and uncomfortable due to present one of the most expensive public transportation services in Turkey who heard BURULAŞ often causing reactions of anger Bursalılarla line stage reached in the social media!
BURULAS launched a deposit application for tickets. Passengers are confused with the application of the long line tickets 5 pounds, short lines tickets will be sold in 4 lira.
In the announcement made on the website of BURULAŞ, “As of Monday, 20.06.2016; short tickets will be sold for 4 TL (3 TL ticket + 1 TL deposit), the whole ticket will be sold for 5 TL (4 TL ticket + 1 TL deposit). If the tickets, which are usable (not torn, unfolded, in one piece) after the trip, are delivered to Burs Board dealers, a deposit of 1 TL will be refunded to you. " It was said.
Especially the passengers coming from outside the city reacted to this situation. Passengers said, “Are we going to deal with a deposit refund after the trip? This practice is ridiculous. It is as if the tickets have been raised in secret ”.
However, the anger towards BURULAŞ was not limited to this!
While the people of Bursa rebelled against the hike on social media, they voiced their reactions on Twitter.
The hashtag #BursaRayBoykot entered the country's agenda in a short time on Twitter and became TT. Citizens decided to boycott Bursaray on social media.

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