kemal demirel is the only member of the world
16 Bursa

Kemal Demirel is the only member of the world marching for railway

We know that… Large-budget investments come to the agenda when cities want it very much and when this demand becomes apparent. However, ır It is argued how successful we are as a city at the point of ownership, but Bursa has been wanting a railway for many years and waiting for a fast train. Here is an important mission in terms of raising public opinion and creating public opinion. [more…]

Korkutelide is renewing ways
07 Antalya

Korkuteli Refreshing Roads

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality is carrying out maintenance and repair works on the group roads of Küçükköy, Taşkesiği and Söbüce neighborhoods of Korkuteli District, which is deformed due to rainfall in winter. In addition to the new roads and asphalt works, the Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

passengers also preferred to feast
06 Ankara

Passengers' Choice in Bayram

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, 7 / 24 was on duty in order for the citizens of the capital to spend the Ramadan Feast in peace and security. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Intercity Bus Terminal (AŞTİ) came at the beginning of the points preferred by the citizens for traveling due to the long holidays. MOST [more…]

tender bult

RayHaber 11.06.2019 Tender Bulletin

Between Kalecik Alibey Slope Protection with Steel Nets Survey Project Service will be purchased Main Carrier Beam will be purchased (TUDEMSAS) Cleaning Service will be purchased Ballast Loading Service will be purchased Construction of Snow Cover at Irmak-Zonguldak Line Ankara - Kayseri Line [more…]