the stage of legal boulevard stepping started
61 Trabzon

Kanuni Bulvarı Stage Phase Begins

Mehmet Cahit Turhan, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, said, "The Kanuni Boulevard, which will ease the burden of the coastal road serving Trabzon's inner city, intercity and international traffic, has started to be put into service in stages." said. Minister [more…]

diyarbakirda mass transport holiday
21 Diyarbakir

Public Transportation in Diyarbakır is Free

Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality will provide free public transportation services during 4 day starting from the eve of the festival due to Ramadan Feast. On the first day of the festival and the eve of the festival, the citizens of the city center [more…]

erzurumda ramadan on the first day of the holiday
25 Erzurum

First Day of Ramadan Feast in Erzurum Free

Ulaşım Free transportation alan, which has become a tradition in Erzurum, will be an indispensable part of this holiday. On the first day of the festival, municipal buses, private public buses and line were ordered by Mehmet Sekmen, Mayor of Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality. [more…]

easy access to cemeteries with ego buses
06 Ankara

Easy Access to Cemeteries via EGO Buses

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which takes all the necessary measures all over the city so that the capitals can spend the Ramadan Feast in safety and peace, continues to work non-stop with many units such as EGO, ASKİ, Mavi Masa [more…]

free service
45 Manisa

Free Shuttle Service to Cemetery Visit in Manisa

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality will perform a free shuttle service to Kırtık Cemetery in order to enable the citizens of Manisa to visit the cemetery without any problems during Ramadan Feast. Round-trip from start stops determined within the scope of application, between 09.00-19.00 hours [more…]