the woman at the holidays, the steering wheel
33 Mersin

Women Drivers at the Wheel in Mersin

A total of 40 women drivers working in Mersin Metropolitan Municipality continue to carry passengers in the captain seat of municipal buses during Ramadan Feast and to bring together lovers. Metropolitan Municipality swinging steering on buses, throughout Mersin [more…]

The new metro line to be built in Istanbul will shine the star of which districts in the residence
34 Istanbul

10 New Metro Line to be Made in Istanbul

10 New Metro Line to be Built in Istanbul Which districts will shine the stars in the housing: The most important 10 metro line, which is getting closer to its operation in Istanbul, facilitates the transportation of many locations from Bakırköy to Çekmeköy, Kağıthane to Zeytinburnu [more…]


Your Ramadan Feast

Feasts, days of forgiveness, people peace, brotherly embrace the days. Festivals are the days when the consciousness of being a nation is shaped and strengthened in a society where national and religious feelings, beliefs, customs and traditions are applied. Loving and peaceful [more…]