Cable Car and Sea World Children Free in Kecioren

keciorende ropeway
keciorende ropeway

Kecioren Municipality, 23 April National Sovereignty and Children's Day activities within the scope of the cable car and Sea World will be free to children announced. In the message published by Mayor Turgut Altınok, güzel 23 gives all our children a nice gift on April National Sovereignty and Children's Day and we want them to have a joyful and beautiful time Keçi.

Under the direction of Kecioren Mayor Turgut Altinok, 23 will provide free service for the children of the Sea World, which will reflect the natural life in the sea with the cable car line serving the officers and the Tepebaşı route during the April National Sovereignty and Children's Day.


2008, which started its service in 1653, will be able to travel safely and comfortably with the cable car which is used in both transportation and touristic trips with 20 meter station range. The 8 ropeway, which has 16 cabins, is expected to attract great interest in April.


Children who want to visit the Sea World will be able to spend a pleasant day watching the natural life of marine fish, tunnel, freshwater fish and 4 parts including crocodiles and turtles. Indian, Pacific and Atlantic Ocean places, such as 150 4 thousand fish hosting the facility will astound children. Families who want to take their children to the Sea World in April 23 April will be able to visit their children for free.


23 April National Sovereignty and Children as the Day will always come collateralized children with Mayor Kecioren stated that they will try to make you happy Turgut Altınok gave the following message: "Turkey Grand National Assembly to commemorate the anniversary of the landing of Mustafa Kemal be gifted to children by Atatürk 23 April National Sovereignty and Children We wanted to make our children happy. We made our ropeway service and the Sea World free to our children. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and our accompanying ancestor, who declared to the world that sovereignty is in the nation, gave the message that 23 April is a gift to the children and that we must build our future with soundness. In this sense, we will be behind every investment in our children. As Keçiören Municipality, we will expand our educational institutions and prepare new generations for the future. On this occasion, 99 happy anniversary of the foundation of our Republic. Let the unity, togetherness and brotherhood of our country become permanent. Ül

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