They Pedaled in Memory of Atatürk in Çubuk

Pedal In Memory Of Atatürk
Pedal In Memory Of Atatürk

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Çubuk Family Life Center, 81. Within the scope of the anniversary week, it organized Tanışma Meet with Tandem Bicycles ”event, which is known as two-person bicycle in Çubuk.

Visually impaired citizens who ride on tandem bicycles for the first time, Gazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk pedaling in memory.


In the event organized in cooperation with Eşpedal Association, everyone from 7 to 70 as well as visually impaired citizens pedaled the streets of Çubuk all day long.

Along with the 5 tandem bicycle, approximately 100 individual bikes participated in the awareness event organized with the slogan “Let's pedal the differences together”.

Çubuk Family Life Center Manager Fatma Yilmaz, visually impaired citizens rode tandem bicycles for the first time, the citizens said that this activity is fused.

Eşpedal Association Ankara Representative Hüseyin Alkan, who thanked the Municipality of Çubuk Family Life Center for their support, said, olarak As visually impaired, we can ride bicycles with tandem bicycles. When someone tries to change things, they make a little effort to make it a huge snowball..

Özgün Devrim, 42, who attended the event, said, “I attended the event with my daughters. We were excited about the use of bicycles and accompanying this awareness. We were more happy when they saw that they were happy. I would like to thank the Metropolitan Municipality and I want these activities to continue ”.

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